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Papa's Next Chefs 2013
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James and Willow
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Papa's Next Chefs 2013 was the third Next Chefs tournament held to select the chefs for a then-upcoming Papa Louie restaurant time-management game, later revealed to be Papa's Cupcakeria. The winners were James and Willow.


Hey Everyone! Have you noticed that it has been over 5 months since our last Gameria? What?? Well don't worry, we have the next restaurant all planned out, and let me tell you... it's going to be awesome!

With that being said, we figured it's about time to kick off Papa's Next Chefs 2013!

As some of you may know, the Papa's Next Chef tournament is a yearly challenge where you, the fans, get to choose who will be working at Papa's next restaurant! We will be showcasing 2 battles each week, one for the guy's position and one for the girl's position. The winners for each week move on to the next round and one step closer to Papa's Next Chefs!

We would like to thank our sponsors; Dr. Cherry, Fizzo, Purple Burple, and Hyper Green for representing the four divisions this year. Let's get this party started!


BOLD means the winner of that round.

Dr. Cherry Division

May 6, 2013: James vs. Cletus/Clover vs. Mindy

May 13, 2013: Robby vs. Tony/Zoe vs. Scooter

Finals of Dr. Cherry Division

May 20, 2013: Tony vs. James/Clover vs. Scooter

Purple Burple Division

May 27, 2013: Gremmie vs. Franco/Kayla vs. Tohru

June 3, 2013: Doan vs. Greg/Lisa vs. Mary

Finals of Purple Burple Division

June 10, 2013: Doan vs. Franco/Tohru vs. Mary

Fizzo Division

June 13, 2013: Allan vs. Hank/Edna vs. Wendy

June 17, 2013: Wally vs. Timm/Willow vs. Sue

Finals of Fizzo Division

June 20, 2013: Allan vs. Timm/Willow vs. Wendy

Hyper Green Division

June 24, 2013: Johnny vs. Hugo/Sasha vs. Ivy

June 27, 2013: Connor vs. Matt/Utah vs. Cecilia

Finals of Hyper Green Division

July 1, 2013: Johnny vs. Matt/Utah vs. Ivy


July 4, 2013: James vs. Timm/Willow vs. Scooter

July 8, 2013: Doan vs. Matt/Utah vs. Tohru

Final Match

July 11, 2013: James vs. Matt/Willow vs. Utah

Winners: James and Willow.

Rounds and finals

Dr. Cherry

Dr. Cherry Division Round 1

Dr. Cherry Division Round 2

Dr. Cherry Division Finals

Purple Burple

Purple Burple Division Round 1

Purple Burple Division Round 2

Purple Burple Division Finals


Fizzo Division Round 1

Fizzo Division Round 2

Fizzo Division Finals

Hyper Green

Hyper Green Division Round 1

Hyper Green Division Round 2

Hyper Green Division Finals


Semi-finals Round 1

Semi-finals Round 2



Hey Everyone!

Over two months ago, we started Papa’s Next Chefs 2013 to decide who will be working at Papa’s Cupcakeria! During that time, we had a record amount of votes counted. Thanks to everyone for voting, sharing, and spreading the word about Papa’s Next Chefs!

The tournament is over, and YOU have chosen the winners of Papa’s Next Chefs 2013! Let’s have a round of applause for the new chefs, James and Willow!!!!!


  • The contestants making their debut in this edition of Papa's Next Chefs are:
  • The divisions were named after drinks from Papa's Hot Doggeria.
  • This is the second PNC competition where James and Scooter were placed in the same division.
  • With the victory, James earned more votes than both Tony Solary and Matt Neff, becoming the first and only character to beat both Flipline Studios developers in one tournament.
  • After winning this tournament, Willow became the first character who made her debut in the previous game (excluding apps) to win the Papa's Next Chefs tournament. She would later be joined by Rudy and Koilee.
  • This is the first tournament in which artwork was produced for the Grand Final.