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The Papa's Next Chefs 2014 tournament was the fourth Next Chefs tournament for the new gameria Papa's Donuteria. Voting could be done on the Flipline website in the Blogs section in the Next Chefs category. The winners of this tournament were Tony and Scooter.


Hey Everyone!                                                                                                                    

It's that time of the year again! Work has begun at the next Gameria here at Flipline Studios, so that means it's time for Papa's Next Chef 2014!

As some of you may know, the Papa's Next Chef Tournament is a yearly challenge where you, the fans, get to choose who will be working at Papa's Next Restaurant we will be showcasing 2 battles each week, one of the guys position and one for the girls position. The winners of each week move on to the next round and one step closer to becoming Papa's Next Chef!

This year we have the Mango Division, the Sugarplum Division, the Keylime Division, and the Dreamsicle Division. Let's get this party started!


Mango Division

Round 1: Timm beat Gremmie and Scooter beat Sue

Round 2: Carlo beat Hugo and Sasha beat Skyler

Mango Finals: Carlo beat Timm and Scooter beat Sasha

Keylime Division

Round 1 : Wally beat Cletus and Akari beat Kayla

Round 2 : Johnny beat Kenji and Shannon beat Cecilia

Keylime Finals : Johnny beat Wally and Akari beat Shannon

Sugarplum Division

Round 1 : Tony beat Franco and Trishna beat Mindy

Round 2 : Deano beat Connor and Tohru beat Ivy

Sugarplum Finals : Tony beat Deano and Trishna beat Tohru

Dreamsicle Division

Round 1 : Robby beat Allan and Nevada beat Lisa

Round 2 : Matt beat Greg and Clover beat Sienna

Dreamsicle Finals : Matt beat Robby and Clover beat Nevada

The Semifinals

Mango vs Sugarplum : Tony Solary beat Carlo Romano and Scooter beat Trishna

Keylime vs Dreamsicle: Matt Neff beat Johnny and Clover beat Akari

The Finals

Tony Solary beat Matt Neff and Scooter beat Clover

Winners: Tony and Scooter

Ineligible / Characters who Did Not Participate

When Flipline Studios began their search for Papa's Next Chefs in 2012 (for Papa's Hot Doggeria), they decided not to include people that are already servers in their previous games, those who have "roles" within the game (closers - although many wind up in the competition, food critic) and those who wouldn't really fit the clothing (whether they were too short or too big) for the programming. So presently, the following characters are not participating in Papa's Next Chefs 2014, for the "rights" to work at Papa's Donuteria. Note that not all "eligible" characters will wind up in the competition. Also note that just because a character has an established "job" or "workplace" (from their Flipdeck profile) does not mean he or she will not be included in this or future competitions. To wit: James was Papa's handyman and now is the Cupcakeria chef (voted in by the fans during PNC 2013); Utah was a guide in Calypso Island and is now a chef/waitress at the Pastaria (as selected by Flipline Studios). In this competition, Carlo Romano (part of The Romano Family Quartet) and Mindy (who runs the Cloudberry Beauty Salon) were selected as part of the field of 32.

Rounds and Finals

Mango Division

Mango Division Round 1:

Mango Division Round 2:

Mango Division Finals

Keylime Division

Keylime Division Round 1:

Keylime Division Round 2:

Keylime Division Finals

Sugarplum Division

Sugarplum Division Round 1:

Sugarplum Division Round 2:

Sugarplum Division Finals

Dreamsicle Division

Dreamsicle Division Round 1:

Dreamsicle Division Round 2:

Dreamsicle Division Round 3:


Semifinal 1: Mango vs. Sugarplum

Semifinal 2: Keylime vs. Dreamsicle

The Finals

This is happening!!! Can you believe the final match is upon us? For the girls division, we have two favorites competing to be Papa’s Next chef, Scooter and Clover. For the guys division, we have a match 10 years in the making. It’s the long debated, epic showdown between the two Flipline founders, Matt and Tony. Never have they battled before in a Next Chefs Tournament, and never will they again. Only one will win, while the other will walk away in complete and utter shame. This is history in the making!

The Winners

Hey Everyone!

The battle for Papa’s Next Chefs has raged on for over two and a half months. Throughout that time, we have all witnessed many surprise victories along with some stunning losses. Finally though, the battle has ended, and the results are in. Papa’s Next Chefs will be... Tony and Scooter!

The Papa’s Next Chefs Tournament is always a fun time around here at Flipline Studios. It’s that special time of the year when you, the fans, get to hand pick who will be center stage in our next game! We want to thank all of you for voting and for your awesome Flipline fervor! We make our games especially for you, and it’s really fun when we can get all our fans in on the process!

So now that Papa’s Next Chefs 2014 is over, we can’t wait to see Tony and Scooter serving up some delicious donuts in Papa’s Donuteria!


  • Carlo Romano and Akari return as contestants in Papa's Next Chefs.
    • Unfortunately, Bruna Romano did not return in this year's Papa's Next Chefs.
    • But they both lost in the Semifinals.
    • Akari won matches for the 1st time (she lost to Peggy in 1st Round of 2011's PNC)
  • The four divisions of the contest is named after 4 different topping syrups in Papa's Freezeria To Go!.
  • This is the 1st time SkylerKenji, Shannon, Trishna, Deano, Nevada, & Sienna will be joining this contest.
  • This is the 2nd time that Sasha won a match in this tournament.
    • But, she lost to Scooter in the Mango Division Finals.
  • This is the 2nd time Ivy will be eliminated in the division rounds.
    • Also, this is the 2nd time Ivy will be fighting against Tohru in this kind of competition.
    • This is also the 2nd time Ivy lost to Tohru.
  • This is the 2nd time Timm & Tohru didn't advance to the semifinals.
  • This is the 3rd time that Scooter is in the first division of this kind of competition.
    • This is also the 2nd time that Gremmie is in the 1st Division in this kind of competition.
  • This is the 2nd time that Scooter advanced to the semi-finals.
  • Some customers that appeared in the past Papa's Next Chefs competition didn't come back such as Wendy and Hank.
  • This is the 2nd time Robby lost to a creator from Flipline Studios.
  • This is the 2nd time Matt is in the last division of this kind of competition.
    • This is also the 2nd time Matt & Johnny will face off in this kind of competition.
    • Johnny loses to Matt twice.
  • This is the 1st tournament where no customer who debuted in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! advanced to the semifinals.
  • This is the 1st Papa's Next Chefs Tournament where both of the creators advance to the semifinals and the finals.
  • This is the 2nd time that Carlo Romano loses in the semifinals, the first was against Cooper.
  • This is the 2nd time Matt & Clover reached the finals.
  • Matt is the only person in this year's finals who was not apart of the Dr. Cherry Division in Papa's Next Chefs 2013.
  • Tony and Scooter have surpassed the amount of votes that James and Willow received.
  • This the second time Matt & Clover lost the Finals.
    • Matt lost 2 consecutive Next Chefs Tournament Finals.
  • This is the first Next Chefs Tournament where the customers who made it into the Finals and winners are animated.
  • In this tournament, Tony received the most votes any contestant has ever gotten.
  • Coincidentally, all the female contestants in the Mango Division's name's started with 'S'.
  • This is the first Papa's Next Chefs Tournament where both of the male finalists are based on real people.



Mango Division

Sugarplum Division

Key Lime Division

Dreamsicle Division


Mango Division

Sugarplum Division

Key Lime Division

Dreamsicle Division

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