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Papa's Pizzeria is the first game in the Papa Louie time-management restaurant series, and was officially released on August 7, 2007. Papa's Pizzeria takes place in Tastyville, with Roy as the sole worker in the game.

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Hey Everyone,

For this very first edition of Travel Trout Tours, we take you to the place that started it all, Papa’s Pizzeria!

This building houses Papa Louie’s very first restaurant, Papa’s Pizzeria. There are over a dozen apartments above the pizzeria, which are home to some of your favorite customers. You can climb the stairwell all the way to the roof and see a breathtaking view of the bustling town of Tastyville. [1]


Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone!

When Papa Louie runs off on another adventure, Delivery Boy Roy is left in charge of Papa's Pizzeria. Unfortunately for Roy, the customers are used to Papa Louie's style of fully custom pizzas. Whether it is 8 slices of pepperoni everywhere and 2 olives on the lower half, or a 10 onion pizza cooked well done and cut in 4 slices, there is no telling what they will come up with. So, master the 4 stations and work up the ranks to be the best Pizza Chef around!

Introduction (Narrative Version)

One day in Tastyville, Roy finishes delivering pizzas and comes back to the restaurant. When he enters the Pizzeria and turns on the lights, he shouts for his uncle, Papa Louie, but there is no answer. Roy shouts again, but Louie is nowhere to be found. Roy spots a letter on the counter and reads it. In the letter, Papa Louie tells Roy to run the Pizzeria while he's gone. Terrified, Roy sees Kingsley at the door waving his hand.



Topping station - Papa's Pizzeria.png


Customers - Papa's Pizzeria.png



Rank Number Rank Name Total Tips Unlocks
1 Newbie Start -
2 Trainee $9.00 Big Pauly
3 Cashier $25.00 Penny
4 Delivery Boy $45.00 Maggie
5 Part-Time Cook $70.00 Taylor
6 Line Cook $100.00 Sue
7 Pizza Topper $135.00 Allan
8 Head Cook $175.00 Mindy
9 Chef Trainee $220.00 Chuck
10 Assistant Chef $270.00 Greg
11 Sous Chef $325.00 Robby
12 Pizza Chef $385.00 Mary
13 Head Chef $450.00 Mitch
14 Master Chef $520.00 Prudence
15 Pizza Master $595.00 James
16 Pepperoni Lover $675.00 Cecilia
17 Sausage Specialist $760.00 Mandi
18 Mushroom Master $850.00 Sasha
19 Pepper Pro $945.00 Olga
20 Onion Wrangler $1045.00 Franco
21 Olive Expert $1150.00 Tohru
22 Anchovy Flinger $1260.00 Clair
23 Dough Tosser $1375.00 Clover
24 Cheese Grater $1495.00 Hugo
25 Oven Expert $1620.00 Peggy
26 Slicer and Dicer $1750.00 Carlo Romano
27 Pizzeria Manager $1885.00 Little Edorado
28 Pizza Commander $2025.00 Gino Romano
29 Master Of Pizzas $2170.00 Bruna Romano
30 Ultimate Chef $2320.00 Sarge Fan!
31 Better Than Papa! $2475.00 -
32+ Undefined (for the first day, after that it reverts back to "Better than Papa") $2635.00 -

Cheat Code

If a player names their save slot almostpapa the game immediately jumps them to Day 99 at Rank 30, and every customer will be unlocked with a gold badge except for Sarge Fan!, who is given a silver badge with 3 stars.


  • The representative Gameria color of Papa's Pizzeria is green.
  • This game was made in about one and a half months. [2]
  • Papa's Pizzeria is the first and only Gameria that has an animated intro instead of a slide show intro.
    • It is the 2nd game in the Papa Louie franchise to have an animated intro, the first being Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!
    • In Papa's Pizzeria To Go! and Papa's Pizzeria HD, the intro is remade in a slideshow style.
  • As the oldest time-management game in the series, this game does not include:
  • This is the only Gameria in which the chef has an animation for giving and showing the customer their food.
  • This game has "New Menu Items" on Day 2, but there is no screen showing it. Pepperoni is already unlocked on the first day in the tutorial, and the rest of the toppings appear on Day 2.
  • This is the only Gameria in which ranks are not gained by points, but by tips.
  • This game and Papa's Burgeria are the only two games which do not feature a closer.
  • On May 01, 2014, there was a post mortem posted on the Flipline Blog. [3]
  • Switching between different customers in the Customer list quick enough shows someone that is absent from the game for a split second. This customer, named Johnny, is later revealed to be Pinch Hitwell in Papa's Hot Doggeria.
  • Prudence/Cooper gets a pizza from Papa's Pizzeria in Papa's Pancakeria's intro.
  • Roy is the only chef in the Gameria who doesn't smile.
  • Olga is the only customer to have her pizza cooked for three-quarters of a meter, which is the longest time to cook a pizza in the game.
  • The last customer of the day will always order his or her pizza cooked for the shortest time (first mark on the dial), no matter if they order it this way or not. They will order for the shortest time the day after they came as the last customer on the previous day.
  • During Papa's Pizzeria HD's development, Matt explained that the shredded cheese used in both this and Papa's Pizzeria To Go! is a "classic mozzarella/provolone blend." [4]
  • The early concept art and blog for the 5th anniversary of the game shows various beta/scrapped elements:
    • The game was originally called "Delivery Boy Roy's Pizzeria Panic" which shares similarities to Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!.
    • Bruna Romano had a different outfit and hair.
    • Big Pauly had an award that could be given out, similar to Jojo and his Blue Ribbon.
    • The Onion Ring could have appeared in the game at one point, having the player go into first-person mode via a button in the order area. Here, the player would throw Pepper Bombs at the onions before customers got scared and left.




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