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Papa's Sushiria is the thirteenth game in the Papa Louie restaurant management series. The game was first announced on October 25, 2016. Matt and Clover are the default workers in this game, as they were the winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2016. The game takes place in Sakura Bay. The winner of Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2016, Elle, makes her official debut as a customer in the game. The game was officially released on December 13, 2016, as a Christmas present from Flipline Studios. [1]


Slice and serve the most delectable sushi around in Papa's Sushiria.

Your day takes a turn for the worse when you break Papa Louie's lucky cat statue. Is this to blame for the restaurant's underwhelming opening day? All we know is that Papa Louie left on a wild-eyed mission and you're now stuck running the restaurant. Can you turn your luck around and master the fine art of sushi making?

Perfectly cook, season, and spread the rice with the all-in-one "Sushi Square". Then fill, roll, and top the sushi with a huge assortment of brand-new ingredients. Finish it off by cutting the sushi into bite-size morsels for your hungry customers.

Bring in the bubbles! Papa's Sushiria also has Bubble Tea to serve alongside the sushi. Mix the flavored teas with milk then add tapioca pearls or one of the many other deliciously flavored bubbles.

Missing your favorite customer? Why not send them some coupons with the help of your friendly mailman, Vincent! Customers love a good deal, and will promptly arrive to order more food. Coupons are great for completing quests and strategically leveling up customers!

  • Papa's unique time-management cooking style
  • Cook, season, and spread the sushi rice
  • Fill, roll, top and slice the sushi
  • Create unique bubble tea to serve with the sushi
  • Earn colorful stickers by completing unique tasks
  • Use stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers
  • Master 40 unique Special Recipes
  • Strategically send coupons to lure customers back
  • Hire a server for the dining room
  • Customize your chef and server
  • Over 49,360,000 items to buy in the clothing shop
  • Buy festive furniture to fill your lobby
  • Play through 4 seasons and 12 holidays
  • Unlock over 145 menu items
  • 106 crazy customers to unlock
  • 7 fun Mini-Games with tons of prizes to win
  • Use your tips to buy upgrades for your shop
  • Weekly paychecks and raises as you level up
  • Free to play online!

Blog Announcement

Hey Everyone,

We have a huge surprise for you today! We are super-excited to announce Papa Louie’s next restaurant extravaganza…. Papa’s Sushiria! [2]



Matt/Clover/Custom Worker wins a trip to Sakura Bay to get a sneak peek of Papa Louie's new restaurant, Papa's Sushiria. Matt/Clover/Custom Worker arrives at the restaurant where Papa Louie welcomes him/her and gives him/her a tour of the new restaurant. He shows Matt/Clover/Custom Worker the Sushi Squares and makes him/her a bubble tea drink. The tour ends and Matt/Clover/Custom Worker leaves, but walks right into the Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) statue that is outside of the restaurant, breaking it. Papa Louie tells him/her not to worry about it as he will buy one with tips from Opening Day sales the next day. The following day, Matt/Clover/Custom worker returns to the Sushiria, only to find a sad Papa Louie behind the counter. It turns out that opening day was a bust as nobody had come to the restaurant, showing an empty tip jar. Matt/Clover/Custom Worker asks what he/she can do to help, after having broken the statue the day before. Papa Louie gets the idea of making Matt/Clover/Custom Worker run the Sushiria in order to pay for another cat statue, and hands over to him/her the keys and uniform.


Papa Louie calls over Matt/Clover/Custom Workers to show them the new statue, which is a humongous, golden Maneki Neko. The workers are pleased to see the statue, but are shocked to see lots of customers surrounding the restaurant, all of whom came to take a look at the new statue.


The workers are Matt, Clover, and the Custom Worker. The standard worker's uniform consists of a black kimono with green and salmon trim, a green apron with a sushi-designed "buckle," salmon pants (a skirt for female workers), white headbands with the same sushi-design on the front, and black shoes with green laces and gray soles.




(Locals in Bold)


(Closers in Bold)


(New Holidays in Bold)


Standard Ingredients



Sushi Wraps

20200221 094018.jpg



Bold means the ingredient is both a filling and a topping

20200221 093328.jpg

Placeable Toppings

Ohwv2DX kindlephoto-7105653.jpg

Bold means ingredient is both a filling and topping


Ohwv2DX kindlephoto-7083734.jpg


Ohwv2DX kindlephoto-7040763.jpg

Tea Flavors

20200221 093008.jpg

Tea Bubbles

20200221 092943.jpg

Holiday Ingredients

Holiday ingredients consist of one filling, one ingredient which is both filling and placeable topping, one shaker topping, one sushi sauce, one paper, and one tea flavor.

Holiday ingredients are always unlocked in this order: filling/topping, paper, sauce, filling, tea and shaker.

Holiday Rank/Day Ingredient Picture
Cherry Blossom Festival-Logo.png Rank 6
Day 2
Rank 7
Day 4
Rank 8
Day 6
Shiroi Soy Paper
Sweet Sakura Sauce
Hakuto Tea
Cherry Blossom Festival-Ingredients-Sushiria.png
Cinco de Mayo-logo.png Rank 11
Day 2
Rank 12
Day 4
Rank 13
Day 6
Nacho Cheese
Chipotle Cheddar
Horchata Tea
Recado Rojo
Cinco de Mayo-Ingredients-Sushiria.png
Summer luau logo.png Rank 16
Day 2
Rank 17
Day 4
Rank 18
Day 6
Mizuiro Soy Paper
Calypso Sauce
Canned Ham
Luau Punch Tea
Lemon Herb
Summer Luau-Ingredients-Sushiria.png
Stralight BBQ-Logo.png Rank 21
Day 2
Rank 22
Day 4
Rank 23
Day 6
Beef Brisket
Deli Soy Paper
Lone Star Pit Sauce
Fried Onion Strings
Powsicle Tea
Starlight BBQ-Ingredients-Sushiria.png
BavariaFest Logo.png Rank 26
Day 2
Rank 27
Day 4
Rank 28
Day 6
Rautenflagge Soy Paper
Marzen Mustard
Black Forest Tea
Logo-Maple Mornings.png Rank 31
Day 2
Rank 32
Day 4
Rank 33
Day 6
Kiiroi Soy Paper
Maple Syrup
Hashbrown Patties
English Breakfast Tea
Cinnamon Sugar
MapleMornings Ingredients Sushiria.png
Halloween logo.png Rank 36
Day 2
Rank 37
Day 4
Rank 38
Day 6
Tarantula Soy Paper
Squid Sauce
Witch's Brew Tea
Thanksgiving logo.png Rank 41
Day 2
Rank 42
Day 4
Rank 43
Day 6
Sweet Potatoes
Chairo Soy Paper
Roasted Turkey
Pumpkin Spice Tea
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Thanksgiving toppings sushiria by amelia411-darwyob.png
Christmas logo.png Rank 46
Day 2
Rank 47
Day 4
Rank 48
Day 6
Elf Soy Paper
Cranberry Sauce
Spruce Tips
Peppermint Tea
Merry Masago
Christmas toppings sushiria by amelia411-das4uyf.png
New year logo.png Rank 51
Day 2
Rank 52
Day 4
Rank 53
Day 6
Rainbow Yokan
Rainbow Soy Paper
Flavor X Sauce
Tutti Frutti Tea
Rainbow Peppercorn
New year toppings sushiria by amelia411-das8k0z.png
Valentinesday logo.png Rank 56
Day 2
Rank 57
Day 4
Rank 58
Day 6
Strawberry Slices
Akai Soy Paper
Azuki Sauce
Raspberry Tea
Lucky Lucky Matsuri Logo.png Rank 61
Day 2
Rank 62
Day 4
Rank 63
Day 6
Lucky Soy Paper
Kuri Kinton
Iyokan Tea
Lucky Dust
Lucky lucky matsuri toppings sushiria by amelia411-dasclx3.png


Special Picture Prize Bonus
California Roll 2016-12-14 (11).png Chef Hat 1.5x Coin.png
Caterpillar Roll Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 12.05.21 PM.png Camping Pack +1 Customer Star.png
Cool Calamari Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.06.41 AM.png Royal Crown 2.3x Coin.png
Crazy Crustacean Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 10.15.23 AM.png Paisley Beanie 2.1x Coin.png
Crunchy Crab Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 2.06.02 PM.png Fade Polo +1 Customer Star.png
Crunchy Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 3.56.21 PM.png Fur Parka +1 Customer Star.png
Flying Tofu Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.40.04 pm.png Riveted Belt +1 Customer Star.png
Ginger Shrimp Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 4.34.45 PM.png Long Two Tee 155% Points
Grumpy Eel Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.12.33 pm.png Paddy Jacket +1 Ticket.png
Kiwi Daikon Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.15.17 AM.png Silver Medal +2 Ticket.png
Kiwi Kosho Kiwikosho.png Bronze Medal 160% Points
Kraken Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 9.27.35 AM.png Army Helmet +1 Customer Star.png
Lava Lobster Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.12.53 pm.png Hot Tank 155% Points
Momo Mango Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 9.25.04 AM.png Pirate Hat 150% Points
Negi Hamachi Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.40.41 PM.png Bunny Ears 2x Coin.png
Orange Roll Orange Roll photo.png Ringed V-Neck 140% Points
Philly Roll Philly Roll photo.png Fedora +2 Ticket.png
Phoenix Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 10.08.25 PM.png Space Helmet 2x Coin.png
Radley Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 2.40.49 PM.png Onion Knit Hat 180% Points
Roly Mackerel Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 3.27.54 PM.png Leather Jacket 2x Coin.png
Salmon Sampler Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 7.10.42 PM.png Two Tone Pants 2x Coin.png
Searing Salmon Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 2.40.58 PM.png Dotted Shirt 190% Points
Sesame Cephalopod Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 11.40.20 AM.png Raccoon Cap +1 Ticket.png
Sesame Shrooms Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 5.36.39 PM.png Viking Helmet 190% Points
Shrimpy Sprout Shrimpy Sprout.png Plaid Shirt +1 Customer Star.png
Smothered Beef Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 9.26.55 AM.png Big Knapsack + 2 Ticket.png
Spicy Squid Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.05.58 PM.png Gold Medal 200% Points
Steak & Eggs Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 9.41.19 PM.png Gladiator Helmet 170% Points
Sunrise Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.11.14 PM.png Checkered Belt +1 Ticket.png
Surf and Turf Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 8.40.58 AM.png Short Armwarmers 160% Points
Tako Maki Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 8.55.23 PM.png Sweatbands 2x Coin.png
Tempura Teriyaki Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 2.09.37 PM.png Hockey Jersey +1 Customer Star.png
The Amberjack Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 8.42.21 PM.png Gaming Glove 2.2x Coin.png
Tofu BBQ Tofubbq.png Biker Helmet 2x Coin.png
Tuna Tuna Tempura Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 10.22.20 PM.png Groovy Shirt 185% Points
Unagi Maki Unagi Maki photo.png Striped Pants 2x Coin.png
Veggie Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.41.28 PM.png Chain Buckle Belt +1 Ticket.png
Wasabi Wagyu Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 10.42.33 AM.png Camo Pants +1 Customer Star.png
Yum Yum Yellowtail Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 1.25.24 PM.png Hanten Jacket 2.3x Coin.png
Yummy Onion Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.13.08 pm.png Accent Polo 2.5x Coin.png


Rank Number Rank Name Total XP (+1950 points each rank from Rank 14 onwards) Payday increase (+$5 each rank) Unlocks
1 Newbie Start $150
2 Lobster Lover 260 $155 Hugo, Yum Yum Sauce
3 Yum Yum Master 650 $160 Zoe, Blueberry Tea
4 Blueberry Buddy 1,270 $165 Olivia, Tofu, Dining Room
5 Tofu Guru 1,810 $170 Joy, Momoiro Soy Paper
6 Momoiro Hero 2,600 $175 Tohru, Unagi, Cherry Blossom Festival, Narutomaki
7 Narutomaki Master 3,510 $180 Mandi, Sweet Sakura Sauce
8 Sakura Senpai 4,550 $185 Austin, Hakuto Tea
9 Hakuto Hero 5,720 $190 Kayla, Watermelon Bubbles
10 Watermelon Wrangler 7,020 $195 Koilee, Yuzu Kosho
11 Yuzu Kosho Pro 8,450 $200 Maggie, Jalapeños, Cinco de Mayo, Chorizo
12 Chorizo Champ 10,010 $205 Sasha, Nacho Cheese
13 Nacho Fan 11,700 $210 Kenji, Horchata Tea
14 Horchata Champ 13,520 $215 Franco, Ukoniro Soy Paper
15 Ukoniro Hero 15,470 $220 Cletus, Green Onions
16 Onion Wrangler 17,420 $225 Utah, Piña Colada Tea, Summer Luau, Pineapple
17 Pineapple Pro 19,370 $230 Alberto, Calypso Sauce
18 Calypso Specialist 21,320 $235 Nevada, Luau Punch Tea
19 Punch Professional 23,270 $240 Robby,  Kiwi Slices
20 Kiwi Buddy 25,220 $245 Kahuna, Tempura Crunch
21 Tempura Cruncher 27,170 $250 Marty, Tonkatsu Sauce, Starlight BBQ, Beef Brisket
22 Brisket Buddy 29,120 $255 RicoLone Star Pit Sauce
23 BBQ Pit Pro 31,070 $260 BoomerPowsicle Tea
24 Powsicle Pourer 33,020 $265 EmberWagyu
25 Wagyu Warrior 34,970 $270 ScooterCherry Bubbles
26 Cherry Champ 36,920 $275 PrudenceShiitake MushroomsBavariaFest, Brezn
27 Brezn Baker 38,870 $280 PennyMarzen Mustard
28 Mustard Master 40,820 $285 CeciliaBlack Forest Tea
29 Forest Fan 42,770 $290 TimmHibachi Sauce
30 Hibachi Hero 44,720 $295 NickShrimp Tempura
31 Shrimp Server 46,670 $300 Johnny,TamagoMaple Mornings, Bacon
32 Bacon Buddy 48,620 $305 Hank, Maple Syrup
33 Maple Master 50,570 $310 Cooper, English Breakfast Tea
34 Breakfast Buddy 52,520 $315 Trishna, Tangerine Tea
35 Tangerine Hero 54,470 $320 James, Sriracha
36 Sriracha Specialist 56,420 $325 Willow, Shiso Rice, Halloween, Uni
37 Uni Expert 58,370 $330 Wendy, Squid Sauce
38 Squid Specialist 60,320 $335 Professor Fitz, Witch's Brew Tea
39 Brewmaster 62,270 $340 Georgito, Octopus
40 Octopus Wranger 64,220 $345 Sarge Fan, Taro Tea
41 Taro Hero 66,170 $350 Sienna, Yellowtail, Thanksgiving, Sweet Potatoes
42 Sweet Potato Pro 68,120 $355 Taylor, Gravy
43 Gravy Guru 70,070 $360 Pinch Hitwell, Pumpkin Spice Tea
44 Pumpkin Professional 72,020 $365 Edna, Pawpaw Bubbles
45 Pawpaw Pro 73,970 $370 Radlynn, Radish Sprouts
46 Radish Fan 75,920 $375 Santa, FurikakeChristmas, Tai
47 Tai Catcher 77,870 $380 Cherissa, Cranberry Sauce
48 Cranberry Buddy 79,820 $385 Rita, Peppermint Tea
49 Peppermint Pro 81,770 $390 Julep, Asparagus
50 Asparagus Fan 83,720 $395 Mitch, Ponzu
51 Ponzu Professional 85,670 $400 Xandra, Black Rice, New Year, Rainbow Yokan
52 Yokan Hero 87,620 $405 Ivy, Flavor X Sauce
53 Flavor X Fan 89,570 $410 Big Pauly, Tutti Frutti Tea
54 Fruit Fanatic 91,520 $415 Little Edoardo, Sayori
55 Sayori Specialist 93,470 $420 Wylan B, Sugarplum Bubbles
56 Sugarplumber 95,420 $425 Scarlett, Honeydew Tea, Valentine's Day, Strawberry Slices
57 Strawberry Buddy 97,370 $430 Greg, Azuki Sauce
58 Azuki Hero 99,320 $435 Roy, Raspberry Tea
59 Raspberry Wrangler 101,270 $440 Yippy, Chocolate Tea
60 Chocolate Champ 103,220 $445 Mindy, Cotton Candy Bubbles
61 Cotton Candy Fan 105,170 $450 Crystal, Kiwi Bubbles, Lucky Lucky Matsuri, Datemaki
62 Datemaki Master 107,120 $455 Mayor Mallow, Kuri Kinton
63 Kuri Kinton Pro 109,070 $460 Doan, Iyokan Tea
64 Iyokan Itamae 111,020 $465 Captain Cori, Fried Calamari
65 Calamari Master 112,970 $470 Papa Louie, Huckleberry Bubbles
66+ Better Than Papa! +1950 points for each Rank +$5 for each Rank Holidays all over again!


Sticker Number Name Achievement Sticker Earned Sticker Picture
1 Summer Vacation Reach Summer Hot Dog 002 - Summer Vacation.png
2 Fall Harvest Reach Autumn Toastwood Turkeys 003 - Fall Harvest.png
3 Winter Wonderland Reach Winter SundaeSaurus 4-0.png
4 Spring Has Sprung Reach Spring Strawbuzzy 001 - Spring Has Sprung.png
5 Springtime Sushi Unlock all Cherry Blossom Festival toppings Cherry Blossom 009 - Springtime Tacos.png
6 Cinco Celebration Unlock all Cinco de Mayo toppings Maracas 006 - Cinco Celebration.png
7 Summer Fan Unlock all Summer Luau toppings Bucket of Sand 010 - Summer Fun.png
8 Patriotic Unlock all Starlight BBQ toppings Rocket 011 - Patriotic.png
9 Folk Festival Unlock all BavariaFest toppings Pretzel 09 Folk Festival.png
10 Rise and Shine Unlock all Maple Mornings toppings Maple Mountain Flapjacks 057 - Chip Champ.png
11 Trick or Treat Unlock all Halloween toppings Skull 014 - Trick or Treat.png
12 Thankful Unlocks all Thanksgiving toppings Autumn Leaf 15-0.png
13 Holiday Sushi Unlock all Christmas toppings Tree Cookie 16.png
14 Happy New Year Unlock all New Year toppings Logo of New Year 005 - New Year Baking.png
15 Playing Cupid Unlock all Valentine's Day toppings Heart 006 - Playing Cupid.png
16 Lots of Luck Unlock all Lucky Lucky Matsuri toppings Daruma 059 - Daruma.png
17 Make 'Em Wait Serve the first customer last Awesome Saucer 17.png
18 Hot and Ready Have Quinn's order ready when she arrives and serve immediately Checkpoint in Papa Louie Platformer Games 18.png
19 Preferential Treatment Have Whiff's order ready when he arrives and serve immediately Powder Point Woollies 19.png
20 Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards Pizza Slice 20.png
21 Repeat Customers Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards Luau LePunch 021 - Repeat Customers.png
22 Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards Grilled Cheese Sandwich 22.png
23 Restaurant Regulars Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards Warp Key 23.png
24 Order Expert Get a 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders Tomato 024 - Order Expert.png
25 Build Expert Get a 100% Build Score on 20 orders Peachbuzzy 025 - Build Expert.png
26 Rice Expert Get a 100% Cooking Score on 20 orders Cupcake 26.png
27 Tea Expert Get a 100% Tea Score on 20 orders Dill Wheel 027 - Topping Expert.png
28 Perfect! Get a Perfect Score on 30 orders Burgerzilla 028 - Perfect!.png
29 Award-Winning Restaurant Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic Blue Ribbon 029 - Award Winning Pies.png
30 Month's Pay Receive your wages on four Pay Days Donut 030 - Month's Pay.png
31 Piggy Bank Don't spend any money in the Shop for 7 days Disco Plumm 31.png
32 One-Stop Shopping Buy any 50 items from the Shop Party Subs 032 - One-Stop Shopping.png
33 Advertiser Buy any 8 Posters from the Shop Burgerburgh Sizzlers 33.png
34 Interior Decorator Buy any 8 Furniture items from the Shop Radish 34-0.png
35 Updated Wardrobe Buy any 8 Clothing items from the Shop Brown Onion 35.png
36 New Coat of Paint Buy any 4 Flooring or Wallpaper from the Shop Jill Berry 036 - New Coat of Paint.png
37 Upgrade Master Buy all of the Upgrades from the Shop The Derps 037 - Upgrade Master.png
38 New Threads Change your worker's shirt, pants, jacket, and shoes Fizzo 038 - New Threads.png
39 Romano Family Serve everyone in The Romano Family Quartet Tastyville Tomatoes 39.png
40 Scarlett and the Shakers Serve (the rest of) Scarlett and the Shakers Honeydoo 040 - Scarlett and the Shakers.png
41 New Faces Serve all of the new customers Slice of Pie 41-0.png
42 The Gang's All Here Serve all of the customers! Papa Louie 42-0.png
43 Costumed Closers Serve all of the Costumed Closers during Halloween Radley Madish 43.png
44 Game Show Contestant Earn a Prize in each of Foodini's Mini-Games Game Ticket 44.png
45 Grand Prize Winner Earn 5 Prizes or more in each of Foodini's Mini-Games Mangoby 45.png
46 Rare Reward Win a Rare Bonus Prize in a Mini-Game by earning a Star Medal Jellyback 046 - Rare Reward.png
47 Recipe Collection Earn 15 Special Recipes from customers Sundae 047 - Recipe Collection.png
48 Complete Cookbook Earn 40 Special Recipes from customers Pepperjack 48.png
49 Successful Specials Earn 3 Special Stars when serving Today's Special Dill Worm 49.png
50 Recipe Master Master a Special Recipe by earning 5 Special Stars Cheesecake Wheel 50.png
51 Super Special Master 10 Special Recipes by earning 5 Stars on each Blue Barry 051 - Super Special.png
52 Cookbook Mastery Master 20 Special Recipes by reaching 5 Stars on each Flipline Studios 052 - Cookbook Mastery.png
53 Rice and Wrappers Unlock all of the Standard Rice and Papers Pasta 53.png
54 Flavorful Fillings Unlock all of the Standard Fillings Papa's Mustache 54.png
55 Sushi Toppers Unlock all of the Standard Placeable Toppings Army Onion 55.png
56 Finishing Touches Unlock all of the Standard Sauces and Shakers Chip McMint 056 - Pie Pourables.png
57 Tea Time Unlock all of the standard Tea Flavors Music Note 13-0.png
58 Bubble Buddy Unlock all of the Tea Bubbles Pancakes 058 - Syrup Sampler.png
59 Philly Foodini Serve a Philly Roll Special to Foodini Mallow Men 059 - Rico Con Queso.png
60 Momo Mallow Serve a Momo Mango Special to Mayor Mallow Rocky Road 060 - Robby Ranchero.png
61 Tuna Tuna Kahuna Serve a Tuna Tuna Tempura Special to Kahuna Sarge 061 - Akari Carnitas.png
62 Peggy Hamachi Serve a Negi Hamachi Special to Peggy Pina Coolada 062 - Guaco Greg.png
63 Taylor Tonkatsu Serve a Tofu BBQ Special to Taylor 2 Spatulas 063 - Carlo Caliente.png
64 Robby Lobster Serve a Lava Lobster Special to Robby Tacodale Hardshells 064 - Gino Con Refritos.png
65 Roly Romano Serve a Roly Mackerel Special to Bruna Romano Burger Slider 065 - Pauly Picante.png
66 Xolo Kosho Serve a Kiwi Kosho Special to Xolo S.S. Louie 066 - Rowdy Rita.png
67 State Swap Serve a California Roll Special to Utah Nutty Butter 072 - Nacho Nick.png
68 The Amberjanana Serve The Amberjack Special to Janana Banana Pants 067 - Deano Churrasco.png
69 Go Green Add Furikake and Wasabi Mayo to Professor Fitz's sushi Anchovy
068 - Lisa Loco.png
70 Timmpura Add Shrimp Tempura and Tempura Crunch to Timm's sushi Codial Bomb 069 - Refrito Georgito.png
71 Iggy Unagi Add Unagi on Iggy's sushi Blondie Bop 070 - Ancho Romano.png
72 Miso Sasha Shiso Use Shiso Rice and Ginger Miso Sauce on Sasha's sushi Lettuce Larks 071 - Cheese Please.png
73 Spooktacular Serve 20 customers during Halloween wearing any Halloween clothing Buffalo Wing 73.png
74 Holiday Spirit Serve 100 customers while wearing clothing that matches the seasons Portallini Gondoliers 074 - Holiday Spirit.png
75 Santa's Helper Serve 20 customers during Christmas wearing a Christmas Hat and Fur Parka Starlight City Buffaloes 75.png
76 Daredevil Serve Boomer while wearing a Stunt Helmet and a Cape Burger 076 - Daredevil.png
77 Team Player Serve Pinch Hitwell while wearing a Logo Cap and Baseball Jersey Whiskview Black Birds 77.png
78 Holiday Outfit Wear a shirt, pants, belt, jacket, and hat to match the current holiday Bacobites 78.png
79 Color Coordinated Dress your chef and server in the exact same outfit but with different colors Frostfield Batters 079 - Color Coordinated.png
80 Christmas in July Use only Christmas decorations (3 or more items) in your lobby during July Powseeker 080 - Christmas in July.png
81 Bubble Gum Bonanza Have 10 different kinds of bubble gum in the lobby at once Oniontown Crushers 081 - Bubble Gum Bonanza.png
82 Dance Party Use lots of musical furniture so 3 or more customers are dancing in the lobby Cheddar Mack 082 - Dance Party.png
83 Get the Tables! Fill your lobby with 12 large tables Daisy from Papa Louie 2 083 - Get the Tables!.png
84 Loose Change Grab 250 coins while playing Papa's Raceway Coin 084 - Loose Change.png
85 Stubborn Plumber Try to click 20 different red pipes in Rico's Chiliworks Chilifeather 085 - Stubborn Plumber.png
86 Cookie Clickin' Strike out in Mitch's Mess by clicking 3 different cookies Taco 086 - Cookie Clickin'.png
87 Coupon Clipper Send 10 Customer Coupons to your customers Blue Shroom 087 - Wasteful Baker.png
88 Wasteful Throw away 5 fully-sliced sushi rolls in one day Calypso Island Coconuts 88.png
89 Friendly Fill-Up When dining in, fill the customer's sushi with their friend's favorite fillings instead Sakura Bay Samurais 89.png
90 Tea Party When dining in, make the Bubble Tea for their friend's order instead Habandito 088 - Searing Steaks.png


  • The representative gameria color of Papa's Sushiria is dark green.
  • This and Papa's Sushiria To Go! are both the thirteenth game of their type.
  • This is the first Gameria where St. Paddy's Day isn't in the holiday line-up.
  • Some customers' Style B outfits from Papa's Bakeria are now their Style A outfits in this game.
  • No time customers are unlocked after Duke Gotcha until the player unlocks Vincent during Halloween.
  • This is the second game after Papa's Cheeseria where both Cupcakeria workers, James and Willow, are unlocked back to back.
  • The parade now has a section for Kingsley and the KCP winners.
  • During Halloween, Emmlette dresses up as a chick hatching from an egg.
    • The other closers retain the same costumes from previous gamerias.
  • Joy's Style B outfit is actually Ninjoy's original outfit ever since her debut in Papa's Freezeria, so it is revealed in this game that Joy and Ninjoy are actually the same person.
  • Peggy can be the last customer to be unlocked. This happens if the player ranks up too fast using a special.
  • There's a new feature where the chef and server's clothes have a "Holiday Spirit" meter.
  • The Bronze level prizes from six of the seven minigames are the Grōōvstock furniture pieces:
    • Home Run Derby: Lg. Groove Trunk
    • Rico's Chiliworks: Drum Set
    • Papa's Raceway: Electric Guitar
    • Freeze-Putt: Sm. Groove Trunk
    • Soda Shot: Chai Reverb Gum
    • Mitch's Mess: Med. Groove Trunk
  • The Silver level prizes from the minigames are the Chilifest furniture pieces.
  • As in Papa's Sushiria, each closer orders the same type of holiday-exclusive ingredient:
    • Emmlette always orders sushi with the holiday filling and holiday shaker.
    • Whiff always orders sushi with the holiday soy paper.
    • Akari always orders sushi with the holiday topping, holiday shaker, and holiday bubble tea.
    • Deano always orders sushi with the holiday sauce.
    • Quinn always orders sushi with the holiday filling.
    • Xolo always orders sushi with the holiday soy paper, holiday filling, and holiday bubble tea.
  • The Gold level prizes from the minigames are the Sugarplex Film Fest furniture pieces.
  • This is the first game in which the background music is not set in either C major or G major; the BGM is in F major.
  • Santa is the only customer to order all holiday ingredients.
  • Tortilla and Nori are the only wraps not made of soybeans.
  • 'iro (色)' means color in Japanese, therefore soy wraps ending with 'iro', are colored (excluding akai, meaning red).
  • Vincent makes his debut in this game. He delivers customers' Style B outfits to their homes, apartments, or to them directly in the Sushiria. When he is unlocked, Matt/Clover/Custom Worker distributes it to him.
  • This is also the first game to have custom-colored clothing.
  • This game has 146 ingredients, the most of any game.
  • In the build station, the order you put the fillings in doesn't matter, just as long as you put in the correct fillings, and they are evenly spaced.


Customer Styles

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Papa Louie Games Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!Papa's PizzeriaHDTo Go!Papa's BurgeriaHDTo Go!Papa's Taco Mia!HDTo Go!Papa's FreezeriaHDTo Go!Papa's PancakeriaHDTo Go!Papa's WingeriaHDTo Go!Papa's Hot DoggeriaHDTo Go!Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!Papa's CupcakeriaHDTo Go!Papa's PastariaTo Go!Papa's DonuteriaTo Go!Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!Papa's CheeseriaTo Go!Papa's BakeriaTo Go!Papa's SushiriaTo Go!Papa's ScooperiaHDTo Go!Papa's Mocharia To Go!Papa's Cluckeria To Go!
Other Flipline Games Guppy Guard ExpressMeteor BlastorRock Garden DeluxeRemnants of SkystoneThe Expendables 8-bitSteak and JakeSteak and Jake: Midnight MarchCactus McCoy and the Curse of ThornsCactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of CalaveraJacksmithSlider ScoutsPapa Louie Pals