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Papa's Taco Mia! is the third game in the Papa Louie restaurant time-management game series. The game is located in Tacodale, with the workers being Mitch and Maggie. A trailer was released on Flipline Studios' YouTube channel on March 7, 2011, before an official announcement was made on the Flipline Studios Blog on March 21, 2011. The game was officially released on May 20, 2011.


Mama Mia! It's Papa's Taco Mia!

So what happens when an Italian chef opens a successful Pizzeria and Burgeria? Build the biggest, wackiest Taqueria anyone has ever seen!

After winning a taco eating contest, you're awarded the keys to Papa's Taco Mia! Good luck though, because all your favorite customers are back, and they brought friends. Unlock all sorts of ingredients and upgrade your shop for style and speed. Try to please those picky Closers, and mystify Jojo the food critic with your wild taco making skills!

You can also earn up to 60 Badges while running Papa's Taco Mia!, unlocked for a variety of achievements, including using certain toppings, getting high scores in each Station, serving certain customers, and more!

Game Features[]

  • New unlockable toppings, meats, and sauces
  • Challenging "Closer" customers arrive at the end of each day
  • Weekly visits from Jojo the food critic
  • Win Jojo's Blue Ribbon to earn higher tips!
  • 60 in-game achievements / badges to earn as you play
  • New upgrades in the shop to improve your scores
  • Weekly paycheck to spend towards upgrades
  • Earn Raises as you level up, & get more money from badges
  • Earn Customer Medals to make them order faster
  • All-new taco making mechanics

Blog Announcement[]

It’s coming, the sequel to Papa’s Burgeria, the threequel to Papa’s Pizzeria…. Papa’s Taco Mia! Just check out the trailer for more info!


  • 03/21/2011: Sneak Peek: Papa’s Taco Mia! [2]
  • 05/05/2011: Papa’s Taco Mia! opening May 20th! [3]
  • 05/20/2011: Papa’s Taco Mia! now open! [4]


The workers in this game are Mitch and Maggie. The default uniform consists of a red and orange shirt, black pants, a brown belt, brown shoes with orange laces and black soles, and a black visor.

Chefs taco mia



Upon opening the Taco Mia!, Papa Louie hosts a Taco Eating Contest to decide who gets to work at the aforementioned restaurant. The three competitors are Kingsley, Mitch/Maggie, and James. Later that afternoon, James surrenders due to stomachache. As night falls, Kingsley begins to sweat and also surrenders, resulting in Mitch/Maggie winning the contest and a job at the Taco Mia!.


(Debutants in bold)


(Debutants in bold)


(Closers in bold)




  • Beef (Start) (Big Beef)
  • Chicken (Unlocked on Day 2 with Zoe) (Chicken Champ)
  • Pork (Unlocked at Rank 8 with Nick) (Carnitas)
  • Steak (Unlocked at Rank 12 with Georgito) (Steak House)

Taco Shells[]

  • Hard (Start) (Hard Shell Hero)
  • Soft (Unlocked at Rank 3) (Serve Softly)
  • Pita (Unlocked at Rank 7) (Pita Pro)






Picture Name Cost Description
Doorbell Upgrade Transparent Doorbell $30.00 You'll hear when new customers enter, no matter where you are.
Gold Spatula Taco Mia Gold Spatula $100.00 Flips meat twice as fast!
Gold Knife Taco Mia Gold Knife $100.00 Cuts meat twice as fast!
Beef Alarm Taco Mia Beef Alarm $90.00 Sets an alarm for flipping beef and when it's done cooking.
Chicken Alarm Taco Mia Chicken Alarm $90.00 Sets an alarm for flipping chicken, cutting, and when it's done cooking.
Pork Alarm Taco Mia Pork Alarm $90.00 Sets an alarm for flipping pork, cutting, and when it's done cooking.
Steak Alarm Taco Mia Steak Alarm $90.00 Sets an alarm for cutting steak and when it's done cooking.
Extra Burner Taco Mia Extra Burner $150.00 An extra stove burner for cooking.
Extra Burner Taco Mia Extra Burner $200.00 Another extra stove burner for cooking.

Lobby Items[]

Picture Item Cost Bonus Description
Tacomia cactus
Cactus $10.00 Improves Waiting Score From south of the border.
Tacomia guacposter
Guac Poster $5.00 Improves Waiting Score Avocadelicious!
Tacomia beansposter
Beans Poster $8.00 Improves Waiting Score The musical fruit.
Tacomia hardsign
Hard Taco Sign $25.00 Improves Building Score Get a better score on orders for Hard Tacos!
Tacomia softsign
Soft Taco Sign $25.00 Improves Building Score Get a better score on orders for Soft Tacos!
Tacomia pitasign
Pita Sign $25.00 Improves Building Score Get a better score on orders for Pita Tacos!
Tacomia pepperlights
Pepper Lights $60.00 Improves Waiting Score Spicy and flashy!
Tacomia mysteryposter
Mystery Poster $20.00 Improves Waiting Score What's in the secret sauce?
Tacomia burgeriaposter
Burgeria Poster $20.00 Improves Waiting Score You know you like burgers too!
Tacomia romanoposter
Romano Poster $50.00 + Waiting Score, + Romano Tips Promote the Romano Family Quartet! The Romanos will also tip higher when they visit!
Tacomia onionposter
Onion Ring Poster $50.00 Improves Waiting Score The Infamous Onion Ring returns!
Tacomia ceilingfan
Ceiling Fan $150.00 Improves Waiting Score Cool your customers off with this.
Tacomia bigplant
Desert Plant $25.00 Improves Waiting Score A spiky plant from the desert.
Tacomia smallplant
Small Plant $13.00 Improves Waiting Score A small desert plant.
Tacomia leafyplant
Leafy Plant $40.00 Improves Waiting Score A large, leafy desert plant.
Tacomia tv
TV $150.00 Improves Waiting Score Keep your customers entertained while they wait.
Tacomia newspaper
Newspaper Stand $80.00 Improves Waiting Score Customers can catch up on the news while they wait.
Tacomia arcade
Arcade Cabinet $400.00 Improves Waiting Score Keep 'em busy with Cactus McCoy's arcade game!
Tacomia gumball
Gumball Machine $120.00 Improves Waiting Score Delicious gumballs while you wait.
Tacomia jukebox
Jukebox $500.00 Improves Waiting Score Jazz up the place with some tunes.
Tacomia coffee
Coffee Stand $65.00 Improves Waiting Score A pick-me-up for waiting customers.
Tacomia hypnoclock
Hypno-Clock $80.00 Improves Waiting Score Looks like time is flying backwards!


Picture Name Cost Description
Taco Hat Taco Mia Taco Hat $60.00 So proud, even you wear the tacos!
Sombrero Taco Mia Sombrero $120.00 Borrowed from a Mariachi band
Chef Hat Freezeria Chef Hat $180.00 Just like Papa!
Viking Helmet Freezeria Viking Helmet $300.00 Show that you're loco!
Royal Crown Freezeria Royal Crown $1000.00 Proof that you're Taco Royalty!


Name Achievement Reward Badge Picture
Work up the Ranks Reach Rank 5 $30 Taco Mia 938
Work up the Ranks Reach Rank 10 $50 Taco Mia 940
Better Than Papa! Reach Rank 44 $200 Taco Mia 942
Spending Spree Buy any 10 Upgrades from the Upgrade Shop $10 Taco Mia 944
Poster Motivation Buy all of the Posters $15 Taco Mia 946
Grilling Gear Buy all of the Grill Upgrades $40 Taco Mia 948
Serving in Style Buy all of the hats $100 Taco Mia 950
Bronze Beginning Earn 5 Bronze Customer Awards $30 Taco Mia 952
Customer Service Earn 15 Bronze Customer Awards $50 Taco Mia 954
Silver Medal Earn 10 Silver Customer Awards $70 Taco Mia 956
Coming Back For More Earn 15 Gold Customer Awards $100 Taco Mia 958
Go For the Gold Earn Gold Customer Awards on all customers! $500 Taco Mia 960
Tomato Time Serve 10 Tacos with Tomatoes $10 Taco Mia 962
Cheese Please Serve 30 Tacos with Cheese $10 Taco Mia 964
Lettuce Lover Serve 30 Tacos with Lettuce $15 Taco Mia 966
Pinto Prize Serve 40 Tacos with Pinto Beans $15 Taco Mia 968
Guac Attack Serve 20 Tacos with Guacamole $15 Taco Mia 970
Onion Fun Serve 20 Tacos with Onions $15 Taco Mia 972
Some Like it Hot Serve 30 Tacos with Jalapeños $25 Taco Mia 974
Fajita! Serve 30 Tacos with Peppers $25 Taco Mia 976
Beans, Beans Serve 30 Tacos with Black Beans $25 Taco Mia 978
Rice Wrangler Serve 30 Tacos with White Rice $25 Taco Mia 980
Whole Grain Serve 30 Tacos with Brown Rice $25 Taco Mia 982
Wild for Mild Serve 40 Tacos with Mild Sauce $25 Taco Mia 984
Cool it Down Serve 40 Tacos with Sour Cream $25 Taco Mia 986
Taco en Fuego Serve 40 Tacos with Hot Sauce $25 Taco Mia 988
Cheese Whiz Serve 30 Tacos with Nacho Cheese $25 Taco Mia 990
Go Green Serve 30 Tacos with Verde Sauce $25 Taco Mia 992
Solve the Mystery Serve 30 Tacos with Loco Mystery Sauce $25 Taco Mia 994
Getting Started Serve 4 Tacos in Hard Shells $5 Taco Mia 996
Hard Shell Hero Serve 30 Tacos in Hard Shells $25 Taco Mia 998
Serve Softly Serve 30 Tacos in Soft Shells $25 Taco Mia 1000
Pita Pro Serve 30 Tacos in Pita Shells $25 Taco Mia 1002
Big Beef Serve 30 Beef Tacos $50 Taco Mia 1004
Chicken Champ Serve 30 Chicken Tacos $50 Taco Mia 1006
Carnitas Serve 50 Pork Tacos $50 Taco Mia 1008
Steak House Serve 50 Steak Tacos $25 Taco Mia 1010
Grill Expert Get a 100% Grilling Score on 20 orders $70 Taco Mia 1012
Build Expert Get a 100% Building Score on 20 orders $70 Taco Mia 1014
Order Expert Get a 100% Waiting Score on 20 orders $70 Taco Mia 1016
Perfect! Get a Perfect score on 30 orders $100 Taco Mia 1018
Critically Acclaimed Get a Blue Ribbon from Jojo the Food Critic $40 Taco Mia 1020
Best Restaurant Get 5 Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic $100 Taco Mia 1022
Quality Assurance Get 90% Service Quality or higher on five different days $50 Taco Mia 1024
High Quality Get 95% Service Quality or higher on 20 different days $100 Taco Mia 1026
Romano Family Serve everyone in the Romano Family Quartet! $150 Taco Mia 1028
Franchise Friends Serve the employees of Papa's Pizzeria and Burgeria! $150 Taco Mia 1030
The Competition Serve Kingsley and James from the Taco-Eating Contest $150 Taco Mia 1032
Meet the Creators Serve Matt and Tony from Flipline Studios! $150 Taco Mia 1034
The Gang's All Here Serve all of the customers! $300 Taco Mia 1036
First Paycheck Get your first paycheck on Pay Day $10 Taco Mia 1038
Month's Pay Receive your wages on four Pay Days $50 Taco Mia 1040
Sauce Sampler Unlock all of the Sauces $25 Taco Mia 1042
Shell Selection Unlock all of the Taco Shells $20 Taco Mia 1044
Meat Mania Unlock all of the Meats $25 Taco Mia 1046
Pico de Gallo Serve 30 Customers while wearing the Taco Hat $50 Taco Mia 1048
Mariachi Serve 45 Customers while wearing the Sombrero $65 Taco Mia 1050
Culinary Cap Serve 60 Customers while wearing the Chef Hat $75 Taco Mia 1052
Tacos from the North Serve 75 Customers while wearing the Viking Helmet $90 Taco Mia 1054
Taco Royale Serve 100 Customers while wearing the Crown $150 Taco Mia 1056


Rank Number Rank Name Minimum Total Points Weekly Pay Unlocks
1 Newbie Start $100 -
2 Taco Trainee 300 $105 Big Pauly
White Rice
3 Tray Cleaner 750 $110 Soft Taco
4 Cashier 1,350 $115 Peggy
Hot Sauce
5 Part-Time Cook 2,100 $120 Jalapeños
6 Ticket Handler 3,000 $125 Nacho Cheese
7 Order Attendant 4,050 $130 Pita Bread
8 Line Cook 5,250 $135 Nick
9 Taco Apprentice 6,600 $140 Verde Sauce
10 Hard Taco Pro 8,100 $145 Kingsley
11 Soft Taco Server 9,750 $150 Black Beans
12 Pita Pro 11,550 $155 Georgito
13 Taco Filler 13,500 $160 Brown Rice
14 Tomato Topper 15,600 $165 Loco Mystery Sauce
15 Cheese Champ 17,850 $170 Cletus
16 Lettuce Lover 20,250 $175 Mindy
17 Pinto Pro 22,800 $180 Sarge Fan!
18 Onion Expert 25,500 $185 Olga
19 Guacamole Pro 28,350 $190 Hugo
20 Rice Wrangler 31,350 $195 Edna
21 Jalapeño Master 34,500 $200 Matt
22 Pepper Fan 37,800 $205 Cecilia
23 Sauce Specialist 41,250 $210 Little Edoardo
24 Nacho Squeezer 44,850 $215 Mary
25 Brown Rice Boiler 48,600 $220 Gino Romano
26 Black Beans Expert 52,500 $225 Kayla
27 Verde Veteran 56,550 $230 Mitch/Maggie
28 Loco For Loco Sauce 60,750 $235 Carlo Romano
29 Beef Broiler 65,100 $240 Penny
30 Chicken Champ 69,600 $245 Chuck
31 Pork Puller 74,250 $250 Sasha
32 Steak Server 79,050 $255 Roy
33 Master of Meats 84,000 $260 Marty
34 Expert Taco Builder 89,100 $265 Tony
35 Stove Top Champ 94,350 $270 Doan
36 Spatula Pro 99,750 $275 Clover
37 Knife Expert 105,300 $280 Alberto
38 Grade A Griller 111,000 $285 Mandi
39 Top Topper 116,850 $290 Connor
40 Part-Time Manager 122,850 $295 Clair
41 Taco Shop Manager 129,000 $300 Cooper
42 Tex-Mex Legend 135,300 $305 Prudence
43 Taco Mia! Master 141,750 $310 James
44+ Better Than Papa! +6,600 (increases by 150 each rank) +$5 each rank -


  • The representative Gameria color of Papa's Taco Mia! is orange.
  • Sometimes, the car that passes the shop at the start of the day is Roy's car.
  • This is the first game that the player needs to interact with the food by using an item (spatula and knife) instead of clicking on it.
  • This game has 7 order spaces, 5 are building spaces.
  • The sign above the apartment behind the shop will advertise either Cletus' Scrapyard, The Romano Family Quartet, Quinn, Timm and Associates, Kingsley's Comedy, or Jojo's Blue Ribbon Dining.
  • This game and Papa's Burgeria are the only games that have three stations (excluding Papa's Taco Mia HD/To Go!).
  • This is the first Gameria where the player would see the word "Perfect!" when 100% is achieved in all stations.
  • In many cases, the start of day animation will show the second customer peeking behind the restaurant.
  • This is the second game, the first being Cactus McCoy, to have the modern Flipline opening sequence and menu layout.
  • The workers from previous games, Roy, Marty, and Rita, make a cameo in the intro.
  • This is the last game where the items purchased as decorations for the store are placed in specific areas and cannot be moved.
  • This is the last game where the speech bubbles do not have a drop shadow.
  • This is the last game that shows a cash register on the counter when taking orders.
  • The name of the game was originally going to be called "Papa's Taqueria," but was changed to Papa's Taco Mia! in part because the word taqueria was "rarely used in English" and "trying to find something similar to the earlier titles so it felt like it was part of the series, without confusing a chunk of our fans with awkward spellings." [5]
    • The "Mia" names are not likely to come back due to Matt and Tony saying they want to avoid using it again due to more people now being familiar with the "-ria" names.[6]
  • On April 1, 2014, Matt and Tony made an April Fools Day joke that there would be a real Taco Mia restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, at Woodland and E. 55th street.
    • This is the first Gameria to be featured in an April Fool's Day joke.
  • On April 15, 2014, there was a post mortem on the Flipline Blog [7].
  • The tray for the tacos in this game is reused in Papa's Pancakeria.
  • The three regular locals make their first appearances to the restaurant when a new meat is introduced.
  • All local closers appear in the shop as the last four closers to serve. The first three closers to serve have appeared in previous games.
  • This is one of 6 games (inclusive HD and To Go!) where none of the debutants won Papa's Next Chefs or became a chef.
    • However, this is the only one of the 3 games (including HD and To Go!) where none of the debutants were in the finals of any Papa's Next Chefs tournaments. The other is Papa's Mocharia To Go! (not counting Papa's Scooperia (including HD and To Go!), where none of the debutants competed in any Papa's Next Chefs tournaments).
  • This is the first Gameria to introduce Closers, as well as the first Gameria where the Closer on Monday is not a local.
  • This is the first and only Gameria so far (not including HD and To Go! games) to not have the suffix -ria in the title.
    • It is also the only Gameria (excluding the To Go! games) to have an exclamation point in its title.
  • Jojo is the only closer that orders Beef. There’s only a 1/4 chance of him ordering it due to the fact that his order is random.
  • This is the first Gameria to have a backup system where players can store progress from the game to their files.
  • This is the last Gameria in which Mindy has blonde hair.


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