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Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! is the third game in the Papa Louie series of platformer games and the sequel to Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!. The game was announced on November 4, 2014. The winner of Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2014, Yui, makes her official debut as a playable character in this game. The game was officially released on March 4, 2015.


Papa Louie 3 is the third installment of this wildly popular platformer series. This time, you will be exploring the Land of Munchmore's sweeter side. Just don't let the candy fool you, it's dangerous out there! It's up to Captain Cori to rescue Papa Louie and the rest of the customers from Radley Madish, Luau LePunch, and an endless army of slimy Sundaesauruses!

Over two dozen food fanatics embarked on a cruise aboard the S.S. Louie to celebrate the long-awaited unveiling of Seaside Freezeria. The celebration turns sour as Radley Madish and his new muscle, Luau LePunch, command the ship.

Using the Warp Coins, Radley and company unleash a powerful portal to pull Papa Louie and the rest of the customers back to the Land of Munchmore. There, they are caged and held captive by Radley's growing army of Sundaesauruses -- an army that our captive chefs are unwillingly forced to create under the harsh direction of Radley himself.

Meanwhile, the lone Captain Cori must trek her way through Muchmore's wild terrain, battle fierce food baddies, and rescue her captive passengers and crew. As the customers are rescued, they join the fight as playable characters; each with their own unique weapon and skills.

  • Over 9 expansive lands to explore
  • Brand new underwater worlds to explore
  • 28 playable customers to unlock
  • 19 customers making their platforming debut
  • 3 new and 3 returning customer skills to master
  • 6 unique challenges in each level
  • Use coins to buy new outfits for your customers
  • Over 36 brand new baddies
  • 48 unique badges to earn while you play
  • 2 epic boss battles
  • Free to play online!


  • 09/15-10/29/2014: Bon Voyage: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]
  • 11/04/2014: Bon Voyage: Finale! [8]
  • 11/11/2014: Sneak Peek: The Baddies [9]
  • 11/25/2014: Sneak Peek: Yui in Action! [10]
  • 12/03/2014: Sneak Peek: Swimming!!!!! [11]
  • 12/09/2014: Behind the Scenes: Making Levels! [12]
  • 12/16/2014: Sneak Peek: Cherry Bombs! [13]
  • 12/23/2014: Sneak Peek: Wintergreen Way! [14]
  • 01/08/2015: Sneak Peek: New Skill! [15]
  • 01/14/2015: Sneak Peek: Alberto and Penny [16]
  • 01/22/2015: Sneak Peek: Dashing Pinch Hitwell [17]
  • 01/29/2015: Sneak Peek: Poor Papa! [18]
  • 02/11/2015: Sneak Peek: Bananas! [19]
  • 02/17/2015: Sneak Peek: Munchmore Locals! [20]
  • 02/25/2015: Papa Louie 3: Coming Out March 4th!!! [21]
  • 03/04/2015: Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! [22]


  • 0Wk6ppK.png Dashing (new skill): This skill allows the customer to dash through cracker blocks and enemies. This skill can be performed by Akari, Lisa, Pinch Hitwell, and Alberto. It replaces the Pushing skill. Their background color is light pink.
  • E2JG9NE.png Double Jump: This skill allows the customer to jump again in the air, thus reaching new heights. It is performed by Scooter, Ivy, and Timm. Their background icon is orange.
  • 79fnwsL.png Gliding: This skill allows the customer to glide in the air. It is performed by Professor Fitz, Foodini, Papa Louie, and Trishna. Their background icon is yellow.
  • Rky4tiz.png Ground Pound: This skill allows the customer to break cracker blocks in a downward motion to enter a new area, or defeat baddies in a downward motion. It can be performed by Vicky, Kahuna, Kingsley, and Xolo. Their background icon is red.
  • By5t22E.png Swim Boost (new skill): This skill allows the customer to swim through strong currents into hidden areas, or knock out underwater baddies. It can be performed by Utah, Nick, and Gremmie. It replaces the Crawling skill. Their background icon is dark blue.
  • J6QPLXq.png Wall Climbing (new skill): This skill allows the customer to climb up straight parts on walls as if there was a ladder there. The customers who can perform this are Robby, Johnny, Radlynn, and Penny. It replaces the Wall Jumping skill. Their background icon is green.

The background icon for the customers without special skills (Captain Cori, Chuck, Yui, Hank, Willow and Sasha) is purple.


All customers unlocked

Character Special Skill Weapon*
Captain Cori None Flag (Melee)
Chuck None Pineapple Pistol (Shot)
Yui None Crossbow (Shot)
Hank None Billy Club (Melee)
Willow None Skull Boomerang (Thrown)
Sasha None Cheddar Mack Toy (Whip)
Utah By5t22E.png Swim Boost Tiki Torch (Melee)
Gremmie By5t22E.png Swim Boost Lobster (Whip)
Nick By5t22E.png Swim Boost Canoe Paddle (Melee)
Timm E2JG9NE.png Double Jump Dance Moves (Melee)
Ivy E2JG9NE.png Double Jump Loopy Planes (Thrown)
Scooter E2JG9NE.png Double Jump Skateboard (Melee)
Akari 0Wk6ppK.png Dash Bananazooka (Shot)
Lisa 0Wk6ppK.png Dash Jump Rope (Whip)
Pinch Hitwell 0Wk6ppK.png Dash Baseball Bat (Melee)
Alberto 0Wk6ppK.png Dash Soccer Balls (Thrown/Kicked)
Robby J6QPLXq.png Wall Climbing Anchor (Whip)
Johnny J6QPLXq.png Wall Climbing Axe (Melee)
Radlynn J6QPLXq.png Wall Climbing Plush Radishes (Thrown)
Penny J6QPLXq.png Wall Climbing Blueberry Shooter (Shot)
Foodini 79fnwsL.png Gliding Balloon Whip (Whip)
Papa Louie 79fnwsL.png Gliding Pizza Paddle/Beach Umbrella (Melee)
Trishna 79fnwsL.png Gliding Scarf Whip (Whip)
Professor Fitz 79fnwsL.png Gliding Beaker Bombs (Thrown)
Vicky Rky4tiz.png Ground Pound Perfume Bombs (Thrown)
Kahuna Rky4tiz.png Ground Pound Surf Board (Melee)
Kingsley Rky4tiz.png Ground Pound Microphone (Whip)
Xolo Rky4tiz.png Ground Pound X Wand (Melee/Shot)

Baddie List

The Complete List of Baddies


Balloons are floating platforms that the player can stand on. There are five types of balloons, and each one moves in a different pattern.

  • Chocolate Chip Quicksand

Quicksand appears in level 8.

Unlike Papa Louie 2's BBQ Quicksand, you cannot drown in it because the ground is buried under this quagmire. Players will need to jump as much as possible to get out. Baddies will immediately drown upon contact. The X-Zone has Flavor X Quicksand which works the same way as its chocolaty counterpart.

Ice Cannons appear in levels 6, 9, and the X-Zone. They shoot ice that is very cold. Players must make their character jump 3 times to get out if they get hit by a ball of snow. Each cannon has a lavender-white gem that alerts the cannon where the character is (to the left or right of the cannon). They are usually located near baddies so the baddies attack the character while he or she is frozen.

Levels and Missions

The complete map

Level 1: Blue Moon Bay

  1. Rescue Chuck
  2. Rescue Yui
  3. Rescue Hank (needs Swim Boost)
  4. Find 5 Tropical Charms
  5. Defeat 3 SundaeSaurus
  6. Find 100 coins (needs Gliding)

Level 2: Gummy Grotto

  1. Rescue Utah
  2. Rescue Willow (needs Swim Boost)
  3. Rescue Sasha (needs Wall Climb)
  4. Find 5 Gummy Worms
  5. Defeat 6 SundaeSaurus (needs Swim Boost)
  6. Find 100 coins (needs Dashing)

Level 3: Neapolitown

  1. Rescue Robby
  2. Rescue Gremmie (needs Wall Climb)
  3. Rescue Foodini (needs Dashing)
  4. Find/meet 5 Residents (needs Gliding)
  5. Defeat 10 SundaeSaurus (needs Wall Climb)
  6. Find 100 coins (needs Swim Boost)

Level 4: Vanilla Heights

  1. Rescue Papa Louie
  2. Rescue Johnny (needs Dashing)
  3. Rescue Lisa (needs Gliding)
  4. Find 5 Luau coins (needs Swim Boost)
  5. Defeat 10 SundaeSaurus (needs Dashing)
  6. Find 100 coins (needs Ground Pound)

Level 5: Wintergreen Way

  1. Rescue Akari
  2. Rescue Nick (needs Gliding)
  3. Rescue Trishna (needs Ground Pound)
  4. Find 5 Gulpies (needs Swim Boost)
  5. Defeat 9 SundaeSaurus (needs Wall Climb)
  6. Find 100 coins (needs Double Jump)

Level 6: Mintley Meadow

  1. Rescue Vicky
  2. Rescue Pinch Hitwell (needs Ground Pound)
  3. Rescue Kahuna (needs Double Jump)
  4. Find 5 pairs of sunglasses (needs Wall Climb)
  5. Defeat 9 SundaeSaurus (needs Dashing)
  6. Find 100 coins (needs Swim Boost)

Level 7: Lake Chocodunk

  1. Rescue Timm
  2. Rescue Professor Fitz (needs Double Jump)
  3. Rescue Ivy (needs Swim Boost)
  4. Find 5 Balloons (needs Wall Climb)
  5. Defeat 6 SundaeSaurus (needs Ground Pound)
  6. Find 100 Coins (needs Gliding)

Level 8: Cookie Cavern

  1. Rescue Radlynn
  2. Rescue Kingsley (needs Double Jump)
  3. Rescue Scooter (needs Dashing)
  4. Find 5 Radish Coins (needs Swim Boost)
  5. Defeat 8 SundaeSaurus (needs Gliding)
  6. Find 100 Coins (needs Wall Climb)

Level 9: Radley Caverns

  1. Rescue Alberto and Penny

Level X: X Zone

  1. Rescue Xolo

No warp keys are inside this level.


Warp Keys

Badge Achievement Points Earned Coins Earned
Key Collector Earn 5 Warp Keys 20 pts. 20
Warp Key Roundup Earn 10 Warp Keys 30 pts. 30
Halfway There Earn 25 Warp Keys 40 pts. 40
Keymaster Earn 50 Warp Keys 50 pts. 50

Unlocking Customers

Badge Achievement Points Earned Coins Earned
Jailbreak Unlock 5 Customers 20 pts. 20
Rescuer Unlock 10 Customers 30 pts. 30
Uncaged Unlock 20 Customers 40 pts. 40
Full Roster Unlock All of the Customers - 28 50 pts. 50

Defeating Enemies

Badge Achievement Points Earned Coins Earned
Pineapple Pro Defeat 100 Pineapple Enemies 25 pts. 25
Onion Wrangler Defeat 75 Onion Enemies 25 pts. 25
Banana Basher Defeat 100 Banana Enemies 25 pts. 25
Mallow Masher Defeat 100 Mallow Men 25 pts. 25
Busy with Buzzies Defeat 75 Buzzy Enemies 25 pts. 25
Cherry Champ Defeat 100 Cherry Enemies 25 pts. 25
Candy Coated Defeat 100 Yum n' Ms 25 pts. 25
Derp Destroyer Defeat 100 Derps Enemies 25 pts. 25
Big Bopper Defeat 50 Bop Enemies 25 pts. 25
Mint Master Defeat 100 Mint Enemies 25 pts. 25
Garden Variety Defeat 100 Radish Enemies 25 pts. 25
Underwater Warrior Defeat 150 Underwater Enemies 25 pts. 25
Slip and Slide Defeat 100 Enemies by sliding down hills 25 pts. 25
Look Out Below Defeat 50 Enemies by Ground Pounding 20 pts. 20
Speed Boost Defeat 50 Enemies by Dashing 20 pts. 20
Strong Swimmer Defeat 50 Enemies by Swim Boost 20 pts. 20
Super Stomper Stomp and stun 100 Enemies 25 pts. 25
Can't Stop Stomping Stomp and stun 250 Enemies 40 pts. 40
Dance-Off Defeat 25 Disco Plumms with Timm 25 pts. 25
Batter Up Defeat 30 Doughmen with their own doughballs using Pinch Hitwell 20 pts. 20
Banana Blaster Defeat 30 Bananas as Akari 20 pts. 20
Cherry Bombardier Defeat 30 Cherry Bombs as Scooter 20 pts. 20
Friend or Foe Defeat Radley Madish as Radlynn 25 pts. 25
Sundae Servers Defeat 25 Sundaesaurus with Penny or Alberto 25 pts. 25

Completing Levels

Badge Achievement Points Earned Coins Earned
Customer Assistance Complete levels using 7 different customers 20 pts. 20
Helping Hand Complete levels using 14 different customers 25 pts. 25
Rescue Squad Complete levels using 21 different customers 30 pts. 30
Team Effort Complete levels using all of the customers - 28 35 pts. 35
Back For More Complete the X-Zone as Xolo 20 pts. 20

Outfit Styles

Badge Achievement Points Earned Coins Earned
New Threads Buy a new Outfit Style for a Customer 10 pts. 10
Change of Clothes Buy 10 new Outfit Styles for Customers 20 pts. 20
Clothes Shopping Buy 20 new Outfit Styles for Customers 30 pts. 30
Expanded Wardrobe Buy 30 new Outfit Styles for Customers 40 pts. 40
Clothing Variety Buy 40 new Outfit Styles for Customers 30 pts. 30
Full Wardrobe Buy All Outfit Styles for Customers 40 pts. 40

Breaking Through Obstacles

Badge Achievement Points Earned Coins Earned
Demolition Break 100 Cracker Blocks by Ground Pounding 20 pts. 20
Dash and Smash Break 100 Cracker Blocks by Dashing 20 pts. 20
Fight the Current Use Swim Boost to get through 20 water currents 20 pts. 20

Collecting Items

Badge Achievement Points Earned Coins Earned
Casual Collector Find all of the Collectible Items in 4 Areas - 20 25 pts. 25
Expert Collector Find all of the Collectible Items in 8 Areas - 40 40 pts. 40

Badge Gallery


  • Some Baddies not listed on the Baddies page include the Jellyback, Jellyblurp, Cloudberry Puff, Blackberry Puff, Raspberry Puff, Laddish, and Truffle Bomb.
  • The names of the Neapolitown Locals are Rocky Road, Mr. Sherbet, Betty Pecan, Jill Berry, and Chip McMint.
  • Many of the baddies players encounter in this game are counterparts to the ones in the previous two Papa Louie platformer games.
  • Almost all of the baddies found underwater can be defeated by a character that has the Swim Boost skill. Cherry Mines will explode on impact and inflict damage to the character whether the contact was intentional or not. There is no chance of trying to defeat them.
  • People with the Dashing skill will have an angry eye while ducking, while others just cover.
  • To play Level X, all of the warp keys from the 9 levels must be earned.
  • The crawling, wall jump, and pushing abilities from Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! are replaced with the dashing, swim boost, and wall climbing abilities.
  • Characters who Double Jump have a special pose in the air: Timm performs a dance move, Ivy raises her hands up in the air, and Scooter rides on her skateboard.
  • Scooter can slide significantly longer (in distance) than other customers. (most likely due to her skateboard, possibly a bonus feature)
  • The Swim boost, Dashing, and Ground Pound skills are the only skills that can kill enemies without using their weapons.
  • The Swim boost is needed to complete at least one mission in every level, with the exception of Level 3 (and Level 9 and Level X).
  • Akari, Kahuna, and Scooter have a special pose while sliding: Akari rides on her Bananazooka, Kahuna rides on his Surf board, and Scooter rides on her skateboard.
  • Like with the prequel, a total of 5,880 coins are required to purchase all 56 alternate customer outfits in the game.

Bon Voyage



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