Pecans are an ingredient used in various Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games.

In Papa's Pancakeria, Pecan Mix is a standard grill mixable unlocked with Kayla when the player reaches Rank 13.

In Papa's Bakeria/To Go!, Pecans are a standard pie filling available at the start of both games.

In Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go!, Pecan Mix is a standard grill mixable. Pecan Pralines are holiday-exclusive toppings available during Thanksgiving. Both are unlocked with Sienna when the player reaches Rank 31.

In Papa's Pizzeria HD, Pecan Crust is a holiday-exclusive pizza crust available during Thanksgiving. It is unlocked with Sienna when the player reaches Rank 6.

In Papa's Scooperia/HD/To Go!, Pecans are holiday-exclusive dough mixables available during Thanksgiving. They are unlocked with Bruna Romano when the player reaches Rank 49.

In Papa's Donuteria To Go!, Praline Sauce is a holiday-exclusive donut filling available during Mardi Gras. It is unlocked with Fernanda when the player reaches Rank 33.

Customers who order this

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Pancakeria HD

Pecan Mix PHD.png

Pecan Mix

Pecan Pralines

Pecan Pralines PHD.png

Pizzeria HD

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Scooperia/HD/To Go!

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Pancakeria To Go!

Pecan Mix

Pecan Pralines

Donuteria To Go!

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Bakeria To Go!

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Bakeria/To Go!

Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go!

Pecan Mix


  • According to her Flipdeck, Ivy loves Pecans.
  • Pralines are a confection made out of butter, brown sugar, and pecans. It originated in New Orleans.


Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Pancakeria
Pecans Poster Pancakeria.png
Pecans Bonus None $70.00 None
Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go!
Pecans Poster.jpeg
Pecans Bonus 30 points $40.00 CincodeMayo icon.png

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