Pepper Jacks are enemies in Papa Louie 2. The badge "Hand to Hand Combat" is earned by defeating 30 Pepper Jacks while playing as Ninjoy .

Flipdeck Info

Home Town: Cheddar Hills
Loves: Hunting
Hates: Sharp turns

Pepper Jacks are spicy mercenaries hired by Sarge to thwart any attempt made by the customers to rescue Papa Louie. They stand on guard and take chase the moment a good guy is spotted in the area. Despite being short globs of cheese, Pepper Jacks are by far the most dangerous baddie under the command of Sarge. They will tirelessly run, pivot, and leap over obstacles in an all out frenzy to capture their target.

Information/Battle Strategy

Before noticing you, Pepper Jacks stand still with half-lidded eyes. When you come within range of them, their eyes will bug out, then resume to half-lidded as they chase you. They can outdistance a character easily, but waste valuable time reversing direction, so your best bet is to run from them then jump up as they careen under you, then hit them with your weapon while they change direction. For thrown weapons, time jumping precisely to stun a pepper jack as they run under you (if your character has Ground Pound then you may as well go ahead and use that) then put a little distance between you and them, enough to hit them with your thrown weapon. If there is more than one, your best bet is evasive action (ignore them) or to stun all except one and focus on one at a time.

Slider Scouts

Pepperjack is a slider scout in game Slider Scouts



  • They are the only enemies in Papa Louie 2, aside from Dill Worms, to actively chase a character. Most other ground-based enemies will just walk in a straight line until they fall off a ledge.

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