This article is about Prudence's dog. For the food ingredient, see Pickles.

Pickle is Prudence's pet dog. She first appeared in Papa's Taco Mia! when Prudence started sporting a yellow bag.

Pickle has won "Best in Show" in the Cuddle Crown Championships multiple times.

In Slider Scouts, Pickle is one of the five Pet sliders available as a playable slider.

Papa's Pancakeria Intro

Pickle saw a squirrel outside of the car and chased after it while Prudence was inside Papa's Pizzeria. The next day, after Prudence put up "Lost Dog" posters, she received a call from Papa Louie saying he found Pickle. Later, Prudence and Pickle met up but in Pickle's mouth was a note from Papa Louie. Then Pickle has to help Prudence work the Pancakeria, since she got her into a pickle!


Pickle is a white-furred dog with a beady black nose and a pink tongue lolling out. Pickle has a pink bow on her head.


  • Pickle is the first animal to appear in a gameria.
  • Prudence dresses up like Pickle in the 2014 Halloween picture.
  • Prudence and Pickle both wear a pink bow.
  • Pickle does not appear on Prudence's Style B.


Fan Art

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