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Portallini is a fictional town located within the Flipverse. It is home to Papa's Pastaria.

Portallini is represented in Griller Stadium by the Portallini Gondoliers baseball team and the Portallini Tridents hockey team. In August, the city holds Neptune's Feast, a festival where townsfolk celebrate their love for seafood by throwing feasts. And every September, the city holds the Gondola 500, "the largest-drawing sporting event in the area." [1]

Portallini is the hometown of the Romano Family Quartet, as well as where Little Edoardo and Olga were married. In their honor, the town celebrates the Romano Wedding in April as one of its holidays.

From the Flipline Studios Blog[]

Portallini is one of the oldest towns around. Many people come from all around to explore the ancient canalways aboard the iconic gondolas that drift along the crystal blue waters. [2]




  • Unnamed wedding chapel



  • The Portallini Feast holiday is based on the food in Portallini.
  • Portallini is based on and inspired by Venice, Italy.
  • During St. Paddy's Day, the canal water in Portallini is green in color, resembling the tradition of dyeing the Chicago River green on the holiday. [4]


Portallini during holidays[]