Potato Skin
Potato Skins are a side item that customers can order in Papa's Wingeria HD/To Go!. They are unlocked with Sienna when the player reaches Rank 19 (Wingeria HD). In Papa's Wingeria To Go! it is unlocked with Peggy when the player reaches Rank 28.

Customers who order this (Wingeria HD)

Customers who order this (Wingeria To Go!)

Specials using this ingredient

Wingeria To Go!


Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Wingeria HD
Potato Skins Poster (Wingeria HD)
Potato Skins Bonus 20 points $40.00 LouieHot
Papa's Wingeria To Go!
Potato Skins Wingeria To Go! Poster
Potato Skins Bonus 20 points $40.00 Mardi Gras Logo
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