Powseekers are enemies in Papa Louie 3 that first appear in Lake Chocodunk.

Flipdeck Info

Powseekers can easily be found in the chilly depths of Lake Chocodunk. They are streamlined predators at the top of their aquatic food chain. At first sight, Powseekers will take chase after any lone swimmer. With speed and persistence, they quietly pursue their prey. Unfortunately, the Powseeker’s only downfall is their highly explosive appetite. Upon contact with an extraordinarily elusive swimmer, they have a tendency to go… KA-POW!


Powseekers resemble powsicles. Their mouth resembles a bite into a popsicle. Their body is striped with a red stripe with the eye and mouth on it, a white stripe, and a blue stripe. They have a propeller at the back helps them move.


Unlike Dreammissiles which move in one direction, Powseekers follow the player upon seeing them, with the intent of exploding upon contact.

They can only be defeated by characters with the swim-boost ability (Utah, Gremmie, Nick), or by leading them to a wall or surface where they will explode on contact.



  • Gremmie can be seen swimming away from the Powseekers in the Flipdeck.
  • Powseekers bear some resemblance to the real-life Bomb Pops.

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