Radley's Hideout is the ninth area in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!. It is here where the customers finally square off with Radley Madish and rescue Papa Louie.


The player starts in a small, empty room that leads into the arena where Radley awaits. Once the player enters the arena, the battle begins. This first phase is simple as Radley only ever runs back and forth, occasionally throwing beaker bombs and using Papa Louie's pizza paddle to deflect attacks. The player has to jump on Radley to stun him so he can be damaged; doing this twice will have him defeated. However, a row of spikes will then appear below the floor, and some balloons will spawn to allow the player to climb up the level to avoid the rising spikes. The player will have to fight off many baddies on their way to the top of the level. Once they reach the top, Radley will appear again, this time with a rocket launcher and using the leaves on his head as a propeller to fly with. The player has to deflect the rockets back at Radley to knock him out of the air and damage him while baddies constantly spawn to try and aid their master. Once Radley is defeated, all baddies onscreen will die too, and Papa Louie's cage will spawn, allowing the player to save him and see the game's ending.


  1. Rescue Papa Louie


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