Raspberries are an ingredient used in many of Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games.

In Papa's Pancakeria/HD/To Go!Raspberries are standard toppings unlocked with Roy (HD/To Go!) when the player reaches Rank 5 (Pancakeria) or Rank 15 (HD/To Go!). In Papa's Pancakeria, the "Razzle Dazzle" badge is earned when the player serves 30 orders with Raspberry Topping.

In Papa's Bakeria/To Go!, Raspberries are standard toppers unlocked with Scarlett when the player reaches Rank 11.

In Papa's Sushiria/To Go!, Raspberry Tea is a holiday-exclusive flavored tea available during Valentine's Day. It is unlocked with Roy when the player reaches Rank 58.

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Sushiria/To Go!

Rasberry Tea

Pancakeria HD

Raspberries PHD

Pancakeria To Go!

Raspberries (Pancakeria To Go!)

Bakeria To Go!

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Bakeria/To Go!

Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go!


Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Bakeria/To Go!
Raspberries Poster
Raspberries Bonus 20 points $35.00 Grōōvstock icon
Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go!
Raspberries (Pancakeria HD)
Raspberries Bonus 20 points $35.00 New year icon3 (Pancakeria HD)

New year icon5 (Pancakeria To Go!)

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