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Remnants of Skystone was the fourth Flipline game produced by Flipline Studios. It was announced as one of Kongregate's Premium Games on November 13, 2007, and initially was intended to have a fall 2008 release.[1][2] However, it did not fully release until March 2010. It was only playable on Kongregate.

Due to declining popularity, it was shut down on May 30, 2014.

Game Description

Long ago the mysterious Skystone loomed over the land of Etherea, where it became central in the development of three surrounding societies. That was until the Skystone shattered, spreading noxious Haze across the land and leaving foul Mimic creatures in its wake. The survivors took refuge in a floating city in the sky while the land below was consumed, and remained there for 200 years. Today, the three factions united to return to the Ground, exterminate the Mimics, and reclaim the land.

In Remnants of Skystone, players can choose to play as one of three distinct classes — the jetpack-wearing Aeronauts, the agile Ferrics, or the rope-swinging Crags — and will explore areas on the Ground with 2D, side-scrolling, platforming gameplay. Main missions and quests are undertaken in single-player gameplay, and players can team up with others in Co-op Trailblazing missions that change weekly. Spoils from missions can be used to decorate the players' personal housing called Floats, where other players can also visit to socialize. Players can also visit the central floating city of Nidaria to meet up with other players, take on missions and quests, and shop for new clothing, furniture, or restoratives.[3]

Crags of Eastervale

As an April Fools joke for April 1, 2018, Flipline made a post about a fake Easter event in the game called Crags of Eastervale.

From the Blog


Hey Everyone!

Just a friendly reminder that our holiday events for the Crags of Eastervale celebration will come to an end tomorrow at midnight. This is your last chance to earn some delicious Chocolate Pustossers!

Also as an Easter bonus for today only, Bandero Chert will be giving out a commemorative 218 AH egg to anyone who can bring him 3 bags of Jelled Gluco-Beans.

Don’t forget Lana Westwood is still selling Holiday Bunny Ears at the low-low price of 3000 spores![4]


Remnants of Skystone was a 2D platformer with multiplayer elements. Players could play as one of the three playable classes (Aeronaut, Crag or Ferric), each with different abilities, and travel to different parts of Nidaria or Etherea. Missions and Quests were the main single-player elements and Trailblazing was the main multiplayer element.


Main article: Remnants of Skystone/Missions

In the game, Missions were the main way of advancing through the plot and unlocking new areas. There were 30 of them, all given by the Deployment Officer. Their IDs all started with "MD," and they could only be completed once. They first became available in the alpha release of the game.

For more info, go to the article on Missions on the Remnants of Skystone wiki.


Main article: Remnants of Skystone/Quests

In the game, Quests were given by NPCs other than the Deployment Officer. They did not affect the main plot of the game or unlock new areas. They first became available in the beta release of the game.

Some Quests were Daily Quests, and could be completed multiple times. Some Daily Quests had the same Quest ID, but changed from day to day (e.g, on Wednesday, an NPC would ask the player to collect 12 Stiltskin Pelts; but on Thursday, the NPC would ask the player to collect 12 Molecreep Mushrooms).

For more info, go to the article on Quests on the Remnants of Skystone wiki.


Trailblazing (also referred to as Co-op, or Co-op Missions) was the main multiplayer element of the game. Two players would team up to remove all the fungi in an area. Players earned points for killing enemies (Mimics or fungi) and gathering Etherite Geodes (which are dropped by fungi), and players lost points the longer it took them to finish the area and for being hit by enemies. Teams would receive a global ranking based on their score.

For more info, go to the article on Trailblazing on the Remnants of Skystone wiki.

Nidarian Guard

The Nidarian Guard was a subscription service that gave players special benefits. It was purchased with Kreds, a virtual currency on Kongregate that cost money.

Members of the Nidarian Guard had access to extra attacks that did more damage, more Quests and shops, a higher maximum level and the Spectra Circuit (a way to boost the Player Stats).

For more info, go to the article on the Nidarian Guard on the Remnants of Skystone wiki.

Player Stats

There were six different player stats in the game. They increased as the player leveled up.


Health is a measure of how much damage a player or a Mimic can take before they die. Players lost Health when they came into contact with a Mimic/fungus or were attacked by one. Players could restore some of their Health by eating Food items.


Attack is a measure of the base amount of damage a player/Mimic can deal when they hit a Mimic/player. The actual amount of Health lost is the difference between the player's/Mimic's Attack and the Mimic's/player's Defense.


Defense is a measure of how much Attack a player/Mimic can take without any decrease in Health.


Luck is a measure of the frequency of Critical Hits, Dodges, random extra Experience Points, extra Spores, and random reductions on damage taken that a player has.


Skill affects multiple other Stats. Skill increases the Critical Attack power and the amount of time that a player can use Special Attacks.


Stamina is a measure of how quickly a special attack recharges and how quickly the skill bar refills.

Status Effects

Status Effects are changes to a player's stats that happen when certain Mimics hit a player. They all last 60 seconds.

latest?cb=20120226031650 Poisoned

Players lose 4 Health every 4 seconds, and their character blinks red.

latest?cb=20120226031839 Sprained

Players' Attack stat is halved, and their character blinks yellow.

latest?cb=20120226031429 Burned

Players' Defense stat is halved, and their character blinks orange.

latest?cb=20120226031953 Jinxed

Players' Luck stat is reduced to 10% and players cannot gain Experience Points, Circuit Points or Weapon Mastery Points. Their character will blink green.

latest?cb=20120226032059 Shocked

Players cannot access their Spectra Circtuit or Weapon Bonuses. Their character blinks white, and electricity surrounds them.

latest?cb=20120226032456 Drained

Players' Stamina and Skill are reduced to 1. Their character blinks blue.


  • Development on Remnants of Skystone began in October 2007.[5]
  • Remnants of Skystone was the largest game developed by Flipline Studios.
  • This game is also the first Flipline Studios game that was discontinued and can no longer be played.
  • This game is the first and only MMO game by Flipline Studios.


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