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Ridgeback Highlands was an area in Remnants of Skystone. It was the third area that players could access in the game.

Paydirt Summit

Paydirt Summit.png

Paydirt Summit was the first area in Ridgeback Highlands that players could access. Banderos reside here.

Sprocket Info

Banderos: Intro: The Banderos are native to Paydirt Summit. Their ancestors were outlaws amongst the Crags, stealing ore and holding up supply ships. For this, their ancestors were not granted refuge in Nidaria.

Ridgeback Highlands: Paydirt Tramway: The Paydirt Tramway was built in 12 BH by the original inhabitants of Deadrock Canyon. It was heavily used in 36 AH to haul fleeing Crags up to peak to be taken to Nidaria.

Mimics and Fungi Found on Paydirt Summit

Copperstone Mine

Copperstone Mine.png

Copperstone Mine was the second area in Ridgeback Highlands that players could access.

Sprocket Info

Ridgeback Highlands: Copperstone Mine: The Copperstone Mines were a huge source of Etherite, Gold, and many other ores. The mines were carved out by Crags of Deadrock Canyon centuries ago, and contain many undocumented tunnel systems.

Mimics Found in Copperstone Mines

Deadrock Canyon

Deadrock Canyon.png

Deadrock Canyon was the third area in Ridgeback Highlands that players could access.

Mimics found in Deadrock Canyon

Blue Ridge River

Blueridge River.png

The Blue Ridge River runs along the bottom of Deadrock Canyon.

Sprocket Info

Ridgeback Highlands: Blue Ridge River: The Blue Ridge River runs through Ridgeback Highlands. It stretches for 750 miles with its headwater originating north in Grindwell Gorge. Before the Haze it was known to have an abundance of Sunfish and Trout.

Class Conflict: Battle of Blueridge: The Battle of Blueridge started in 6AH. The fierce conflict arose over the Blue Ridge River which was a major source of fresh water and commerce for the Crags and Ferrics. A treaty was signed two years later, ending the land dispute.