Sakura Bay
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Sakura Bay is a fictional location in the world of Papa Louie's series of time-management games.

This small town strives to keep a perfect balance between buildings and nature. The citizens of Sakura Bay take great pride in their garden-like town, and each person does their part to maintain the beautiful plant-life that surrounds them. [1]

It is the home of Papa's Sushiria/To Go!. Some of the other businesses located nearby include the Kunoichi Dojo and the MochiMart.

The city is represented at Griller Stadium by the Sakura Bay Samurais baseball team and the Sakura Bay Sables hockey team.

The local high school is Sakura Bay High.

Showa Pond is home to numerous Koi fish found in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of town. [2]

In Papa's Sushiria To Go!, the view of Sakura Bay is now extended to those with wide-screen mobile devices. [3]

With regard to time zones, Sakura Bay is two hours behind Burgerburgh and one hour behind Tacodale[4]




Sakura Bay during holidays

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