Shrimp is an ingredient used in various Papa Louie's restaurant-time management games.

In Papa's Wingeria, Papa's Wingeria HD, and Papa's Wingeria To Go!, it is a standard meat that is fried and served to customers. In both games, it is unlocked with Wally when a player reaches Rank 15 (Wingeria), Rank 20 (Wingeria HD) and Rank 25 (Wingeria To Go!). The badges "Seafood Server" and "Saucy Shrimp" are earned when a player serves 20 and 50 orders respectively to customers in the game. The color of the container used for shrimp is purple.

In Papa's Pastaria, it is one of eleven standard toppings available in the game, the fourth that is unlocked, with Kayla at Rank 20.

In Papa's Sushiria, Shrimp Tempura is a standard sushi filling, unlocked with Nick when a player reaches Rank 30.

Customers Who Order This Meat (Wingeria)

Unlocking shrimp

Customers who order this (Wingeria HD)



Customers who order this (Pastaria)

Papa's Pastaria - Shrimp

Customers who order this (Sushiria)

Shrimp Tempura

Customers who order this (Wingeria To Go!)

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Sushiria

Papa's Wingeria To Go!



Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost Theme
Papa's Pastaria
Shrimps Poster
Shrimps Bonus 10 points $25.00 Halloween icon
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