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Soda Shot is a mini-game that is played after a day is completed in Papa's Sushiria and Papa's Hot Doggeria HD.


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The player controls a bottle of Purple Burple Syrup. As the targets (sliders from Slider Scouts) appear on the screen, the player must click/tap on the enemies in order to shoot Purple Burple syrup at them. The player must hit a certain number of enemies in order to earn a prize.


Papa's Sushiria Prizes

  1. Fruit Tee
  2. Sluau icon Luau Poster
  3. Maple Mornings icon Log Fence
  4. Striped Shoes
  5. Vday icon Valentine Block Wall
  6. Polka Dot Pants
  7. Thanksgiving icon Md. Harvest Table
  8. Plain Jacket
  9. Maple Mornings icon Lumberjack Log
  10. Vday icon White Tile
  11. Headphones
  12. Christmas icon3 Poinsettia Box
  13. Guest Pass

Rare Prizes:

  • Bronze Chai Reverb Gum
  • Silver Rowdy Rico Game
  • Gold Dr. Cherry Gum

Papa's Sushiria Prize Gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes

  1. Camping Hat
  2. Sugarplex icon2 Popcorn Cart
  3. Halloween icon Cheesy Poster
  4. Reglan Shirt
  5. Easter icon Lg. Easter Table
  6. Chain Buckle Belt
  7. Stpaddy icon2 Green Carpet
  8. Buckle Bracelet
  9. Sluau icon Coconut Poster
  10. Striped Knit Hat
  11. Thanksgiving icon Multigrain Wall
  12. Logo Cap
  13. Vday icon Strawberry Gum

Rare Prizes:

  • Bronze Mango Gum
  • Silver
  • Gold

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prize Gallery

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