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Specials are a game element introduced in Papa's Cheeseria. Every three days, a customer will come with a golden envelope. Customers who hold golden envelopes grade their orders at the same difficulty as a Closer. A special is earned when the player gets 80 points or higher on an order of a customer who holds a golden envelope. Specials have different rewards that the player receives when serving it to a customer, such as an additional star, additional tickets, higher tips, or higher points. Once the player serves the special to five customers, they will usually receive a clothing reward. Papa's Taco Mia To Go! and Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! have furniture, wallpaper, and flooring as rewards instead. Players select specials by going to the cookbook and clicking on a special. Usually, only one customer orders the special, but when the player buys the special sign and equips it, two customers will order the special.

Papa's Cheeseria/To Go!

Special Picture Prize Bonus
Awesome Onion Awesome onion.jpg Onion Knit Hat (PC)
Fiery Polo (To Go!)
180% Points
BBQ Bacon Bbq bacon.jpg Side Stripe Pants (PC)
Aviators (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Beef Buster Beef buster.jpg Skull Polo (PC)
Trim Knit Hat (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Bird Buster Bird busters.jpg Letter Jacket (PC)
Biker Helmet (To Go!)
+2 Ticket.png
Blazin' Beef Blazin' beef.jpg Blazer (PC)
Cat Eyes (To Go!)
170% Points
Butterbrezel Butterbrezel.jpg Classic Vest (PC)
Army Helmet (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Cheesy BLT Cheesy blt.jpg Chef Hat (PC)
Two-Tone Henley (To Go!)
1.5x Coin.png
Cheesy Chick Download (1).jpg Track Jacket (PC)
Big Knapsack (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Classic Club Classic club.jpg Long Overshirt (PC)
Toasty Sweater (To Go!)
140% Points
Classic Cuban Classic cuban.jpg Butterflies (PC)
Long Stripe Polo (To Go!)
185% Points
Cluck and Onion Cluck n onion.jpg Scarf Wrap (PC)
Neckerchief (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Cordon Bleu Cordon bleu.jpg Beret (PC)
Camo Jacket (To Go!)
190% Points
Fiery Flatbread Fiery flatbread.png Fiery Polo (PC)
Two Tone Tee (To Go!)
150% Points
Gobbledy Gouda Gobbledy gouda.jpg Monocle (PC)
Bronze Medal (To Go!)
190% Points
Gorgonzilla Gorgonzilla.jpg Headphones (PC)
Royal Crown (To Go!)
2.6x Coin.png
Grilled Cheesesteak Grilled cheesesteak.jpg Hoodie (PC)
Slim Blazer (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Health Nut Health nut.jpg Gaming Glove (PC)
Raccoon Cap (To Go!)
250% Points
Heaping Hoggy Heaping hoggy.jpg Skater Shoes (PC)
Bucket Cadet Cap (To Go!)
2.3x Coin.png
Hot Hamwich Hot hamwich.jpg Camping Pack (PC)
Slim Bag (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png
Kickin' Chicken Kickin' chicken.jpg Striped Shoes (PC)
Striped Buttondown (To Go!)
2.5x Coin.png
Lobster Po' Boy Lobster po'boy.jpg Captain Hat (PC)
Gold Medal (To Go!)
2.2x Coin.png
Marbled Mushroom Marbled Mushroom.png Denim Jeans (PC)
Chef Hat (To Go!)
+2 Ticket.png
Meat Lover's Meat lover's.jpg Winter Parka (PC)
Stripe Armwarmers (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Pickled Peppers Pickled pickles.jpg Backpack (PC)
Puka Necklace (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Porky Pepper Porky pepper.jpg Wide Stripe Pants (PC)
Kenka Kaburi (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Portallini Panini Portallini panini.jpg Boater Hat (PC)
Onion Knit Hat (To Go!)
155% Points
Rosemary Ranch Rosemary ranch.jpg Flat Cap (PC)
Rugby Polo (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Rudy's Reuben Rudy's reuben.jpg Torn Overshirt (PC)
Hockey Jersey (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png
Sarge's Revenge Sarge's revenge.jpg Army Helmet (PC)
Pattern Sweater (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Sauce Pocket Sauce pocket.jpg Big Knapsack (PC)
Fruit Tee (To Go!)
155% Points
Sour Salad Sour salad.jpg Cape (PC)
Layered Creameo (To Go!)
2.5x Coin.png
Southwest Steakhouse Southwest steakhouse.jpg Backwards Cap (PC)
Gladiator Helmet (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Sunrise Sandwich Sunrise sandwich.jpg Aviators (PC)
Camping Pack (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Surf and Turf Surf and Turf.png Color Sport Shades (PC)
Camping Hat (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
The Pumperjack The pumperjack.jpg Striped Pants (PC)
Silver Medal (To Go!)
+2 Ticket.png
Toastie Dijon Toastie dijon.jpg Shields (PC)
Puffer Jacket (To Go!)
160% Points
Toastwood Turkey Toastwood turkey.jpg Short Shrug (PC)
Viking Helmet (To Go!)
160% Points
Veggie Melt Veggie melt.jpg Puffy Vest (PC)
Dog Tags (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Western Omelette Western omelette.jpg Short Western (PC)
Guest Pass (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png
Wild Western Wild western.jpg Cowboy Hat (PC)
Fade Polo (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png

Papa's Bakeria/To Go!

Special Picture Prize Bonus
Apple Crisp Apple Crisp.png Chef Hat (PC)
Two-Tone Henley (To Go!)
1.5x Coin.png
Banana Cream Banana Cream.png Short Shrug (PC)
Viking Helmet (To Go!)
160% Points
Banana Split Bananasplit.jpg Striped Pants (PC)
Silver Medal (To Go!)
+2 Ticket.png
Banoffee Pie Banoffee Pie.png Big Knapsack (PC)
Fruit Tee (To Go!)
155% Points
Caramel Apple Caramel Apple.png Side Stripe Pants (PC)
Aviators (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Cherry Cheesecake 20200227 151501.jpg Shields (PC)
Puffer Jacket (To Go!)
160% Points
Cherry Cordial Cherry Cordial.png Long Overshirt (PC)
Fleece Pullover (To Go!)
140% Points
Citri-Shock Citri-Shocks.png Sombrero (PC)
Gold Medal (To Go!)
2.1x Coin.png (PC)
2.2x Coin.png (To Go!)
Cloud Nine Screenshot (205).png Denim Jeans (PC)
Chef Hat (To Go!)
+2 Ticket.png
Cocoa Key Lime Screenshot (223).png Aviators (PC)
Camping Pack (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Creameo Cheesecake Creameo Cheesecake.png Banded Tank (PC)
Dog Tags (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Derby Pie (PC)
Fudgy Pie (To Go!)
Fudgy Pie Special.jpg
Boater Hat (PC)
Onion Knit Hat (To Go!)
155% Points
Fluffernutter Fluffer Nutter.png Torn Overshirt (PC)
Hockey Jersey (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png
French Silk Screenshot (140) - Copy.png Wide Stripe Pants (PC)
Kenka Kaburi (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Graceland King Graceland King.png Classic Vest (PC)
Army Helmet (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Granny Smith Granny Smith.png Gaming Glove (PC)
Raccoon Cap (To Go!)
200% Points (PC)
250% Points (To Go!)
Kiwi Strawberry Kiwi Strawberry.png Headphones (PC)
Royal Crown (To Go!)
2.3x Coin.png (PC)
2.6x Coin.png (To Go!)
Lemon Meringue Lemon Meringue.png Backwards Cap (PC)
Gladiator Helmet (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Luau Punch Luau Punch.png Hoodie (PC)
Slim Blazer (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Mallow Haupia Mallow Haupia.png Backpack (PC)
Puka Necklace (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Mississippi Mud Screenshot (160).png Two Tone Dark Polo (PC)
Stripe Armwarmers (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Neapolitan Pie Neapolitan-1.jpg Scarf Wrap (PC)
Neckerchief (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Nutty Buttercup Z.png Beret (PC)
Camo Jacket (To Go!)
190% Points
Orchard Tart Orchad Tart.png Letter Jacket (PC)
Biker Helmet (To Go!)
+2 Ticket.png
Peach Cobbler Peach Cobbler.png Track Jacket (PC)
Big Knapsack (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Pineapple Upside Down Pineapple Upside Down.png Onion Knit Hat (PC)
Fiery Polo (To Go!)
180% Points
Pink Lemonade Pink Lemonade.png Color Sport Shades (PC)
Camping Hat (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Piña Coolada Coolada.png Fruit Tee (PC)
Trim Knit Hat (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Plantain Crunch Plantancrunch.png Flat Cap (PC)
Rugby Polo (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Prune Creek Prune Creek.png Army Helmet (PC)
Pattern Sweater (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
Rhuby Tuber Rhuby Tuber.png Cape (PC)
Layered Creameo (To Go!)
2.2x Coin.png (PC)
2.5x Coin.png (To Go!)
Rocky Road Rocky Road.png Blazer (PC)
Cat Eyes (To Go!)
170% Points
Royal Anne Royal Anne.png Fiery Polo (PC)
Two Tone Tee (To Go!)
150% Points
S'mores Pie S'Mores Pie.png Short Western (PC)
Guest Pass (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png
Shoofly Pie Shoofly.png Groovy Headband (PC)
Striped Buttondown (To Go!)
2.5x Coin.png
Southern Pecan Southernpecan.jpg Camping Pack (PC)
Slim Bag (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png
Sugar Dragon Sugar Dragon.png Skater Shoes (PC)
Bucket Cadet Cap (To Go!)
2.3x Coin.png
Strawberry Rhubarb Straw.png Butterflies (PC)
Long Stripe Polo (To Go!)
185% Points
Tiramisu Screenshot (260).png Cowboy Hat (PC)
Fade Polo (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png
Wild Berry Wild Berry.png Burple Tee (PC)
Bronze Medal (To Go!)
190% Points

Papa's Taco Mia HD/To Go!

Special Picture Bonus Prize
Ancho Onion Achoonion.png 2x Coin.png Teal Polo Shirt (HD)
Lucky Lantern (To Go!)
Beef Blanco Beefblanco.png 2x Coin.png Light Mocassins (HD)
Starscape Wall (To Go!)
Beefy Beans Beefy Bean Picture.png 1.5x Coin.png Taco Hat (HD)
Lg. Sugarplex Table (To Go!)
Beefy Bell Pepper Bell and beef.png +2 Ticket.png Silver Medal (HD)
Onion Gum (To Go!)
Black n' Blue Black blue.png +1 Customer Star.png Army Helmet (HD)
Jacksmith Arcade (To Go!)
Blazing Blue Blazing blue.png +1 Ticket.png Sarge Sweater (HD)
Gondola 500 wallpaper (To Go!)
Carnita Fajita Carnitas fajitas.png 160% Points Green Waywards (HD)
Shrimp Sign (To Go!)
Carne Con Queso Carne de queso.png 180% Points Turtleneck (HD)
Velvet Rope (To Go!)
Cerdo Ranchero Cerdorobby.png 2.3x Coin.png Red Beanie (HD)
Fort Onion wallpaper (To Go!)
Cerdo Vaquero CerdoVaquero.png 2.5x Coin.png Rubberbands (HD)
Daruma Wall (To Go!)
Cheesy Beef and Beans Cbb.png 2x Coin.png Brown Mocassins (HD)
Jolly Roger (To Go!)
Cheesy Chicken Cheesychickenboy.png 2x Coin.png PortalliniFeast icon.png Green Hoodie (HD)
Lg. Racing Table (To Go!)
Cheesy Churrasco Churraso.png 190% Points Bronze Medal (HD)
Md. Wingeria Table (To Go!)
Chicken Cream Crunch Theccc.png 140% Points V.I.P. Pass (HD)
Cinco Fence (To Go!)
Cool and Creamy Coolcream.png 160% Points Red Stripe Sneakers (HD)
Hyper Rocket (To Go!)
Cool Azul Cool azul.png +1 Ticket.png Star Bucket Hat (HD)
Army Onion (To Go!)
Crispy Marrón Crisy maroon.png +1 Customer Star.png Trenchcoat (HD)
Lg. Cinco Table (To Go!)
Crunchy Carne Asada Crunchcarneasada.png 2x Coin.png Skateboard (HD)
Daruma (To Go!)
Fiery Frijoles Fiery frijoles.png 2.3x Coin.png Gold Medal (HD)
Md. Pirate Table (To Go!)
Flaming Fajita FLAMJITA.png +1 Customer Star.png 3D Glasses (HD)
Fizzo Machine (To Go!)
Garden Pita Garden pita.png 200% Points Smartwatch (HD)
Blossom Fence (To Go!)
Green Gordita Greengordita.png +2 Ticket.png Sombrero (HD)
Hyper Saucer (To Go!)
Guacamole Grande Gguacamole.png +1 Ticket.png Buckle Bracelet (HD)
Mango Gum (To Go!)
Guaco Taco Gutaco.png 150% Points Red Stripe Scarf (HD)
Bonsai (To Go!)
Jalapeño Loco Jalapenco.png +1 Customer Star.png Green Shoes (HD)
Pirate Bash wallpaper (To Go!)
Misterio Zafiro Mysteri.png +1 Customer Star.png Biker Helmet (HD)
Drum Kit (To Go!)
Nacho Carnitas
2x Coin.png Christmas icon.png Snowflake Hat (HD)
Paisley Walls (To Go!)
Papa's Guaco Mia! Papa's guaco mia.png 2.2x Coin.png Blue Stripe Sneakers (HD)
Large Cannon (To Go!)
Picadillo Pita PITADILLO.png 190% Points Cherry Blossom Festival icon.png Shuriken Tank (HD)
Theater Rope (To Go!)
Pita Con Refritos PitaConRefritos.png +1 Customer Star.png White Jacket (HD)
Guitar (To Go!)
Pollo Queso Loco Polloco.png 155% Points White Apron (HD)
Lg. Foodini Table (To Go!)
Porky Poblano PorkyPoblano.png 170% Points Black Duffel (HD)
Buffaloes Wall (To Go!)
Puerco Picante Puerco picante.png +1 Customer Star.png Blue Stripe Scarf (HD)
Checkered Flag (To Go!)
Queso Caliente Questcali.png 155% Points Halloween icon.png Witch Hat (HD)
Purple Burple Gum (To Go!)
Queso Chancho Quesochanco.png +1 Customer Star.png Canvas Duffel (HD)
Blossom Lantern (To Go)
Rowdy Rice Rowdyricoe.png +2 Ticket.png Blue Tee (HD)
Sm. Groov Trunk (To Go!)
Salsa Verde Saslagreen.png 185% Points Captain Hat (HD)
Sakura Wall (To Go!)
Smothered Chicken SMOKE SOTH.png +1 Ticket.png Orange Armwarmers (HD)
Film Fest wallpaper (To Go!)
Steakhouse Supreme Supersteak.png 2.1x Coin.png Puka Necklace (HD)
Lucky Cat Table (To Go!)
Sweet and Spicy Sweet and spicy.png 2x Coin.png Plaid Apron (HD)
Purple Onion (To Go!)

Papa's Sushiria/To Go!

Special Picture Prize Bonus
California Roll 2016-12-14 (11).png Chef Hat 1.5x Coin.png
Caterpillar Roll Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 12.05.21 PM.png Camping Pack +1 Customer Star.png
Cool Calamari Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.06.41 AM.png Royal Crown 2.3x Coin.png
Crazy Crustacean Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 10.15.23 AM.png Paisley Beanie 2.1x Coin.png
Crunchy Crab Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 2.06.02 PM.png Fade Polo +1 Customer Star.png
Crunchy Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 3.56.21 PM.png Fur Parka +1 Customer Star.png
Flying Tofu Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.40.04 pm.png Riveted Belt +1 Customer Star.png
Ginger Shrimp Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 4.34.45 PM.png Long Two Tee (PC)
Casual Buttondown (To Go!)
155% Points
Grumpy Eel Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.12.33 pm.png Paddy Jacket (PC)
Striped Apron (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png
Kiwi Daikon Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.15.17 AM.png Silver Medal +2 Ticket.png
Kiwi Kosho Kiwikosho.png Bronze Medal 160% Points
Kraken Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 9.27.35 AM.png Army Helmet +1 Customer Star.png
Lava Lobster Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.12.53 pm.png Hot Tank 155% Points
Momo Mango Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 9.25.04 AM.png Pirate Hat 150% Points
Negi Hamachi Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.40.41 PM.png Bunny Ears (PC)
Plaid Trapper Hat (To Go!)
2x Coin.png
Orange Roll Orange Roll photo.png Ringed V-Neck 140% Points
Philly Roll Philly Roll photo.png Fedora +2 Ticket.png
Phoenix Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 10.08.25 PM.png Space Helmet 2x Coin.png
Radley Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 2.40.49 PM.png Onion Knit Hat 180% Points
Roly Mackerel Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 3.27.54 PM.png Leather Jacket 2x Coin.png
Salmon Sampler Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 7.10.42 PM.png Two Tone Pants 2x Coin.png
Searing Salmon Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 2.40.58 PM.png Dotted Shirt 190% Points
Sesame Cephalopod Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 11.40.20 AM.png Raccoon Cap +1 Ticket.png
Sesame Shrooms Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 5.36.39 PM.png Viking Helmet 190% Points
Shrimpy Sprout Shrimpy Sprout.png Plaid Shirt +1 Customer Star.png
Smothered Beef Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 9.26.55 AM.png Big Knapsack + 2 Ticket.png
Spicy Squid Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.05.58 PM.png Gold Medal 200% Points
Steak & Eggs Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 9.41.19 PM.png Gladiator Helmet 170% Points
Sunrise Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.11.14 PM.png Checkered Belt +1 Ticket.png
Surf and Turf Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 8.40.58 AM.png Short Armwarmers 160% Points
Tako Maki Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 8.55.23 PM.png Sweatbands 2x Coin.png
Tempura Teriyaki Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 2.09.37 PM.png Hockey Jersey (PC)
Basketball Jersey (To Go!)
+1 Customer Star.png
The Amberjack Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 8.42.21 PM.png Gaming Glove 2.2x Coin.png
Tofu BBQ Tofubbq.png Biker Helmet 2x Coin.png
Tuna Tuna Tempura Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 10.22.20 PM.png Groovy Shirt 185% Points
Unagi Maki Unagi Maki photo.png Striped Pants 2x Coin.png
Veggie Roll Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.41.28 PM.png Chain Buckle Belt +1 Ticket.png
Wasabi Wagyu Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 10.42.33 AM.png Camo Pants +1 Customer Star.png
Yum Yum Yellowtail Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 1.25.24 PM.png Hanten Jacket (PC)
Cropped Overshirt (To Go!)
2.3x Coin.png
Yummy Onion Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.13.08 pm.png Accent Polo 2.5x Coin.png

Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go!

Special Picture Bonus Prize
Bacon Buttercream Bacon Buttercream (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Raccoon Cap
Banana Cream Pie Banana Cream Pie Logo.jpg +2 Ticket.png Biker Helmet
Banana Nut Bread Banana Nut Bread (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Stripe Armwarmers
Banana Split Banana Split (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Trim Knit Hat
Belgium Oinker Belgium Oinker (Logo).png +1 Ticket.png Polka Bucket Hat
Belle of the Brunch Belle of the Brunch (Logo).png +2 Ticket.png Chef Hat
Blueberry Buckle Blueberry Buckle (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Gladiator Helmet
Blue Bunyan Blue Bunyan Logo.png 155% Points Pirate Hat (HD)
Fruit Tee (To Go!)
Blue Nimbus Blue Nimbus logo.png +1 Ticket.png Suspenders
Bright and Blue Bright and Blue Logo.png +1 Customer Star.png Neckerchief
Chocolate Eggy Bread Chocolate Eggy Bread (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Bronze Medal
Cococomb Crunch Cococumb Crunch (Logo).png 155% Points Onion Knit Hat
Daybreak Delight Daybreak Delight (Logo).png 2.3x Coin.png Bucket Cadet Cap
Early Bird Early Bird (Logo).png 1.5x Coin.png Short Henley
Farmhouse Stack Farmhouse Stack (Logo).png 2.3x Coin.png Gold Medal
French Whoopie Pie French Whoopie Pie (Logo).png 2.1x Coin.png Puka Necklace
Fruity Rooster Fruity Rooster (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Fruit Tee (HD)
Puffer Jacket (To Go!)
Fudge Ripple Fudge Ripple (Logo).png +2 Ticket.png Silver Medal
Hoggy Hotcakes Hoggy Hotcakes (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Retro Hockey Jersey
Honeybun Honeybun (Logo).png 170% Points Backpack
Honeyhive Honeyhive (Logo).png 160% Points Puffy Vest
Lumberjack Toast Lumberjack Toast (Logo).png 2.2x Coin.png Striped Necktie
Maple Mountain Maple Mountain (Special) Logo.png 140% Points Maple Hoodie
Morning Glory Morning Glory (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Dog Tags
Nutty Flapjacks Nutty Flapjacks (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Big Knapsack
Power Tower Power Tower (Logo).png 200% Points Royal Crown
Rise and Shine Rise and Shine Logo.jpg 2x Coin.png Wingtips (HD)
Toasty Sweater (To Go!)
Ruby Torte Ruby Torte (Logo).png 180% Points Fiery Polo
Stack of Dawn Stack of Dawn (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Butterflies
Sticky Bun Stacker Sticky Bun Stacker (Logo).png +1 Ticket.png Guest Pass
Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shortcake (Logo).png 185% Points Long Henley
Sugar Toast Crunch Sugar Toast Crunch (Logo).png +1 Ticket.png Fade Polo
Sunrise Supreme Sunshine Supreme (Logo).png 160% Points Viking Hat
Sunshine Swizzle Sunshine Swizzle Logo.jpg 150% Points Ringed V-Neck
Syrup Shower Syrup Shower (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Slim Blazer
The Bumbleberry The Bumbleberry (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Camping Pack
The Cinnadew The Cinnadew (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Bandana
The Razzmatazz The Razzmatazz (Logo).png 2.5x Coin.png Shrug Sweater
The Strawbuzzy The Strawbuzzy (Logo).png 190% Points Army Helmet
Wildberry Waffles Wildberry Waffles (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Flat Cap

Papa's Pizzeria HD

Special Picture Bonus Prize
Bacon Cheeseburger 20178222353273212.png +1 Ticket.png Guest Pass
Buffalo Chicken Buffalo Chicken.png 190% Points Bronze Medal
Buffalo Grinder 2017812213568186.png 160% Points Puffy Vest
Chicken Cacciatore Chicken Cacciatore.png 2x Coin.png Wingtips
Chicken Caesar Chicken Caesar.png 180% Points Fiery Polo
Chicken Club Chicken Club.png 155% Points Pirate Hat
Creamy Quiche 2017-09-01.png 200% Points Royal Crown
Fishy Fruit Fishy Fruit (Logo).png 2.1x Coin.png Puka Necklace
Flamin' Fungi 20178142126109931.png +1 Customer Star.png Neckerchief
Fugazza Con Jamón Fugazza Con Jamon.png +1 Customer Star.png Bandana
Garlic Fury Garlic Fury (Logo).png 190% Points Army Helmet
Green Grove Green Grove (Logo).png 2.3x Coin.png Gold Medal
Hawaiian Hawaiian-0.png 2x Coin.png Gladiator Helmet
Level 4 Meltdown L4Meltdown.png 2x Coin.png Winter Parka
Lomi-Lomi Bruschetta Lomi-Lomi Bruschetta-0.png +1 Ticket.png Paper Hat
Meat Amore 2017812252199346.png 2.5x Coin.png Shrug Sweater
Neptune's Feast Neptune's Feast Pizza (Logo).png 2.2x Coin.png Striped Necktie
Olive Bellissimo 201781224648676.png +1 Customer Star.png Butterflies
Peppered Bacon Peppered Bacon.png 140% Points Pullover Hoodie
Philly Cheese Steak 20178142129284521.png 155% Points Onion Knit Hat
Pizza Margherita 20178142147375571.png +2 Ticket.png Silver Medal
Portallini Rustico Portallini Rustico (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Trim Knit Hat
Quattro Stagioni Quattro Stagioni (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Raccoon Cap
Romano Quartet Pizza Romano Quartet Pizza (Logo).png 160% Points Viking Helmet
Rustic Garden 2017812258426076.png 150% Points Pinstripe Shirt
Salsiccia Rustica 2017812255503196.png +1 Ticket.png Suspenders
Seaside Gumbo Seaside Gumbo (Logo).png 185% Points Long Henley
Shrimp Scorcher Shrimp Scorcher.png +2 Ticket.png Chef Hat
Sirloin Sizzler Sirloin.png 2x Coin.png Camping Pack
Spicy Meatball Spicy Meatball.png +1 Customer Star.png Big Knapsack
Surf and Turf Surf and Turf Pizza (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Hawaiian Hat
Tastyville Trio Tastyville Trio.png 1.5x Coin.png Bomber Jacket
The BLT The BLT (Logo).png 2.3x Coin.png Bucket Cadet Cap
The Californian Califorian.png 170% Points Backpack
The Denver 2017812259536526.png +1 Customer Star.png Dog Tags
The Meateor 2017814213418781.png 2x Coin.png Flat Cap
The Muffuletta The Muffuletta (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Fruit Tee
The Smokehouse The Smokehouse.png +1 Ticket.png Pocket Shirt
The Wildfire 20178142150239241.png +1 Customer Star.png Earmuffs
The Works The Works.png +2 Ticket.png Biker Helmet

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!

Special Picture Bonus Prize
'Basa Nova BasaNova.jpeg 2.5x Coin.png Shrug Sweater (HD)
Daruma Wall (To Go!)
Ballpark Bratwurst
IMG 9633.JPG
185% Points Long Henley (HD)
Sakura Wall (To Go!)
Chicago Dog Chicago Dog (Logo)-0.png +1 Ticket.png Guest Pass (HD)
Mango Gum (To Go!)
Chili con Queso ChilliconQueso.jpeg 150% Points Pinstripe Shirt (HD)
Purple Onion (To Go!)
Chili Polka
160% Points Puffy Vest (HD)
Batters Poster (To Go!)
Condiment Collider
2x Coin.png Hockey Jersey (HD)
Lg. Onion Crate (To Go!)
Coney Dog Conet Dog.png +2 Ticket.png Biker Helmet (HD)
Sm. Groov Trunk (To Go!)
Double Dijon DoubleDijon.jpeg +1 Ticket.png Suspenders (HD)
Film Fest wallpaper (To Go!)
El Completo ElCompleto.jpeg 160% Points Viking Helmet (HD)
Hyper Rocket (To Go!)
Fajita Hound FajitaHound.jpeg +2 Ticket.png Silver Medal (HD)
Onion Gum (To Go!)
Franken Bacon FrankenBacon.jpeg 155% Points Onion Knit Hat (HD)
Foodini Hat (To Go!)
Golden Retriever GoldenRetriever.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Butterflies (HD)
Dr. Cherry Gum (To Go!)
Hot Diggity Doge HotDiggityDoge.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Raccoon Cap (HD)
Jacksmith Arcade (To Go!)
Italian Tube Steak
2.3x Coin.png Gold Medal (HD)
Md. Pirate Table (To Go!)
Kielypso Dog KielypsoDog.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Dog Tags (HD)
Md. Groov Trunk (To Go!)
Michigan Dog MichiganDog.jpeg 190% Points Bronze Medal (HD)
Md. Wingeria Table (To Go!)
Peter Piper PeterPipper.jpeg 2x Coin.png Camping Pack (HD)
Lg. Lucky Table (To Go!)
Philly Phrank PhillyPhrank.jpeg 2.2x Coin.png Striped Necktie (HD)
Large Cannon (To Go!)
Pickle Pup
Picklepup- special.JPG
170% Points Long Rash Guard (HD)
Buffaloes Wall (To Go!)
Portallini Feast PortalliniFeastSpecial.jpeg 200% Points Royal Crown (HD)
Blossom Fence (To Go!)
Pretzel Paradox PretzelPParadox.jpeg +1 Ticket.png Pocket Shirt (HD)
Army Onion (To Go!)
Red Snapper
Red Snapper HD.jpeg
155% Points Pirate Hat (HD)
Coconuts Poster (To Go!)
Rico's Chili Dog RicosChilliDog.jpeg 1.5x Coin.png Tucked Polo (HD)
Sm. Sugarplex Table (To Go!)
Rustbelt Weenie
Rustbelt Weenie HD.jpeg
2x Coin.png Wingtips (HD)
Jolly Roger (To Go!)
Sloppy Jojo SloppyJojo.jpeg +2 Ticket.png Chef Hat (HD)
Glass Block (To Go!)
Sonoran Dog SonoranDog.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Big Knapsack (HD)
Lg. Blossom Table (To Go!)
Southwest Sausage SouthwestSausage.jpeg 190% Points Army Helmet (HD)
Theater Rope (To Go!)
Spicy Sausage SpicySausage.jpeg 2x Coin.png Trim Knit Hat (HD)
Starscape Wall (To Go!)
+1 Ticket.png Paper Hat (HD)
Gondola 500 wallpaper (To Go!)
Sweet Heat SweetHeat.jpeg 2.3x Coin.png Bucket Cadet Cap (HD)
Fort Onion wallpaper (To Go!)
Tastyville Griller TastyvilleGriller.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Neckerchief (HD)
Checkered Flag (To Go!)
The Bavarian TheBavarian.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Fruit Tee (HD)
Lg. Cinco Table (To Go!)
The Classic The Classic.png 140% Points Pullover Hoodie (HD)
Jukebox (To Go!)
The Fakefurter TheFakefurter.jpeg 2x Coin.png Gladiator Helmet (HD)
Lucky Flag (To Go!)
The Grabowski TheGrabowski.jpeg 2x Coin.png Flat Cap (HD)
Paisley Walls (To Go!)
The Green Monster TheGreenMonster.jpeg 180% Points Fiery Polo (HD)
Velvet Rope (To Go!)
The Midwestern TheMildwestern.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Earmuffs (HD)
Pirate Bash wallpaper (To Go!)
Veggie Garden VeggieGarden.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Bandana (HD)
Drum Kit (To Go!)
Wild Zwiebelwurst WildZwiebelwurst.jpeg 2.1x Coin.png Puka Necklace (HD)
Lucky Cat Table (To Go!)
Woonsocket Dynamite WoonsocketDynamite.jpeg 2x Coin.png Winter Parka (HD)
Md. Racing Table (To Go!)

Papa's Scooperia/HD/To Go!

Special Picture Prize Bonus
Ambrosia Split Ambrosia Split Preview.png Fruit Tee +1 Customer Star.png
Banana Butter Banana Butter Preview.png Laced Wingtips 2x Coin.png
Banana Split Banana Split Preview.png Short Flat Collar 150% Points
Blue Mousse Blue Mousse Preview.png Pocket Shirt +1 Ticket.png
Burple Cow Burple Cow Preview.png Flat Cap 2x Coin.png
Chocoholic Chocoholic Preview.png Biker Helmet +2 Ticket.png
Chocolate Mojito Chocolate Mojito Preview.png Silver Medal +2 Ticket.png
Coco-Doodle-Doo Coco-Doodle-Doo Preview.png Sneakers 190% Points
Coffee Toffee Coffee Toffee Preview.png Hockey Jersey 2x Coin.png
Cookie Dough Delight Cookie Dough Delight Preview.png Striped Knit Hat 2x Coin.png
Fruit Frenzy
Fruit Frenzy.png
Raccoon Hat +1Customer Star.png
Fruit n' Fudge Fruit N' Fudge Preview.png Viking Helmet 160% Points
Gingersnap Gingersnap Preview.png Bronze Medal 190% Points
Hot and Cool Hot and Cool Preview.png Guest Pass +1 Ticket.png
Kiwana Krunch Kiwana Krunch Preview.png Shrug Sweater 2.5x Coin.png
Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker Glory Preview.png Stripe Scarf +1 Ticket.png
Lunar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse Preview.png Striped Necktie 2.2x Tips
Mighty Mint Mighty Mint Preview.png Beret +1 Ticket.png
Mint Madness Mint Madness Preview.png Gladiator Helmet 2x Tips
Mintymelon Chip MIntymelon Chip Preview.png Camping Bag 2x Coin.png
Neapolitan Neapolitan Preview.png Tucked Striped Polo 1.5x Coin.png
Nutty Butter Nutty Butter Preview.png Dog Tags +1 Customer Star.png
Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Preview.png Bucket Cadet Cap 2.3x Coin.png
Pink Lemonade Pink Lemonade Preview.png Puffer Jacket 160% Points
Portallini Treat Portallini Treat Preview.png Neckerchief +1 Customer Star.png
Queen Velvetine Queen Velvetine Preview.png Alien Headband 155% Points
Rocky Roadster Rocky Roadster Preview.png Polka Top +1 Customer Star.png
Snack Attack Snack Attack Preview.png Gold Medal 2.3x Tips
Spumoni Supreme Spumoni Supreme Preview.png Waywards +1 Customer Star.png
Stracciatella Stracciatella Preview.png Pullover Hoodie 140% Points
Strawberry Burst Strawberry Burst Preview.png Pirate Hat 155% Points
Sugarplex Concessions
Sugarplex Concessions 1Preview.png
Bandana +1 Customer Star.png
Sweet Stripes Sweet Stripes Preview.png Puka Necklace 2.1x Coin.png
The Nutcracker The Nutcracker Preview.png Jacket 2x Coin.png
Tiramisu Tiramisu Preview.png Chef Hat +2 Ticket.png
Tropical Typhoon Tropical Typhon Preview.png Long Rash Guard 170% Points
Watermelon Meringue Watermelon Meringue Preview.png Earmuffs +1 Customer Star.png
White Chocolate Mocha White Chocolate Mocha Preview.png Three Tone Polo 185% Points
White Tiger White Tiger Preview.png Fiery Polo 180% Points
Wildberry Moon Wildberry Moon Preview.png Royal Crown 200% Points

Papa's Wingeria To Go!

Special Picture Bonus Prize
Albino Brood Screenshot 2019-02-27-20-17-53~2-1.png 160% Points Puffed Vest
Atomic Twist ATMOIC TWIST.png +1 Ticket.png Biker Helmet
Awesome Saucer Awesome Saucer (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Striped Armwarmers
Barbe-Cubed ...5-0.PNG +1 Ticket.png Silver Medal
Black Gold ...4-0.PNG 2x Coin.png Trim Knit Hat
Boneless Bonanza Papa's Wingeria To Go! Boneless Bonanza Logo.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Gold Medal
Coastal Combo ....3-0.PNG +2 Ticket.png Chef Hat
Cheesy Cubical Cheesy Cubical.jpeg 2.3x Coin.png Raccoon Cap
Crinkle Cutter ....2-0.PNG +1 Customer Star.png Dog Tags
El Dorado Dipper ....1-0.PNG +2 Ticket.png Polka Bucket Hat
Five Star Sampler ...-1551520489.PNG 2xCoin.png Bucket Cadet Hat
Flamin' Fingers Screenshot 2019-03-01-11-01-00~2.png 1.7x Coin.png Flat Cap
Flying Buffalo Flying Buffalo.png 1.5x Coin.png Two-Tone Henley
Garlic Parmesan Garlic Parmesan.png 140% Points Maple Sweater
Honey Butter BBQ Hbb.png 160% Points Viking Helmet
Hog Heaven Hog Heaven (Logo).png +1 Customer Star.png Bandana
Holy Guacamole Holy Guacamole.jpeg 195% Points Army Helmet
Hot Potato ...5.PNG 170% Points Cat Eyes
Hummus Humongous ...4.PNG +1 Customer Star.png Big Knapsack
Jubilee Chicken ....1.PNG + 1 Customer Star.png Neckerchief
Kung Pao Poppers Kung Pao Poppers (Logo).png 2.2xCoin.png Striped Necktie
Lopsided Leghorn ....2.PNG 1.9x Coin.png Gladiator Helmet
Pepper Platter Pe.png 1.6x Coin.png Shrug Sweater
Rhythm and Blues Rhythm and Blues (Logo).png 1.8x Coin.png Camping Pack
Royal Roundabout Papa's Wingeria To Go! Royal Roundabout Logo.jpg 2.1xCoin.png Retro Hockey Jersey
Scarlet Pepper ....3.PNG +1 Customer Star.png Camo Jacket
Shrimp Boat Special Shrimp Boat Special (Logo).png 2x Coin.png Slim Blazer
Shrimp Cocktail Papa's Wingeria To Go! Shrimp Cocktail Icon.jpg +1 Ticket.png Guest Pass
Smokehouse Sampler Screenshot 2019-02-23-18-53-53~2.png +1 Customer Star.png Butterflies
Spicy Skewers Spicy Skewers (Logo).png 165% Points Onion Knit Hat
Sunny Sampler Sunny Sampler.jpeg 1.5x Coin.png Thin Stripe Polo
Sweet Heat Screenshot 2019-02-23-13-04-35~2.png 155% Points Fruit Tee
Tangy Trios Tangy Trios.jpeg 1.7x Coin.png Suspenders
Taquito Amigos Taquito Amigos.jpeg 2x Coin.png Puka Necklace
Thai Chili Taster Thai Chili Taster (Logo).png 185% Points Bronze Medal
Triple Four Screenshot 2019-02-23-11-10-41~4.png 150% Points Two-Tone Tee
Teriberry Tray Teriberry Tray (Logo).png +1 Ticket.png Fade Polo
Tofu Tandoori Tofu Tandoori (Logo).png 190% Points Long Henley
Veggie Platter Papa's Wingeria To Go! Veggie Platter Logo.jpg 180% Points Flannel Shirt
World Wide Wings World Wide Wings.jpeg 200% Points Royal Crown

Papa's Donuteria To Go!

Special Picture Bonus Prize
Anytime Autumn
Anytime Autumn Picture.jpeg
+1 Customer Star.png Butterflies
Berry Berliners
Berry Berliners.jpeg
195% Points Army Helmet
Blue Bonanza
Blue Bonanza.jpeg
200% Points Royal Crown
Blueberry Bash
Blueberry Bash.jpeg
+2 Ticket.png Chef Hat
Bosox Box
Bosox Box.JPG
170% Points Cat Eyes
Boston Creameos Boston Creameos Logo.png 1.7x Coin.png Flat Cap
160% Points Puffer Jacket
Chocolate Éclair Chocolate Éclair Icon.png +1 Customer Star.png Neckerchief
Cinnaberry Slammer
Cinnaberry Slammer.jpeg
2x Coin.png Trim Knit Hat
Cookies and Creameos
Cookies and Creameos.JPG
+1 Customer Star.png Big Knapsack
Cosmic Pumpkin PDTG! Cosmic Pumpkin logo.png 1.6x Coin.png Onion Tee
Cumulus Crullers
Cumulus Crullers.jpeg
+1 Customer Star.png Gold Medal
Cupid's Catch
Cupid’s Catch.JPG
+1 Ticket.png Fade Polo
Death By Chocolate PDTG! Death By Chocolate.png 155% Points Fruit Tee
Donut Jubilee
Donut Jubilee.JPG
2x Coin.png Slim Blazer
Donuts 101 Donuts 101 Icon.png +1 Customer Star.png Dog Tags
Double Crullernut
Double Crullernut.JPG
+1Ticket.png Guest Pass
Doughberry Twists
Doughberry Twists.JPG
+1 Ticket.png Silver Medal
Dream Machine
Dream Machine.jpeg
2.1x Coin.png Layered Creameo
Drizzle Dones
Drizzle Dones.jpeg
160% Points Viking Helmet
Dynamite Sticks
Dynamite Sticks.jpeg
2.2x Coin.png Pattern Sweater
Fairground Fry Cakes
Fairground Fry Cakes.jpeg
2.3x Coin.png Raccoon Cap
Fryer Feast Fryer Feast.jpg +1 Ticket.png Biker Helmet
Gourdberry Batch
Gourdberry Batch.JPG
190% Points Long Henley
Jellyroll 20X6
JellyRoll 20X6.jpeg
+1 Customer Star.png Camo Jacket
Johnny Donutseed
Johnny Donutseed.jpeg
+1 Customer Star.png Camping Hat
Johnny Longberry PDTG! Johnny Longberry logo.png 150% Points Two Tone Tee
Moon Mist
Moon Mist.JPG
185% Points Bronze Medal
Neapolitan Trio
Neapolitan Trio.JPG
2x Coin.png Bucket Cadet Cap
Powder Point PDTG! Powder Point logo.png +1 Ticket.png Backpack
Red Harvester
Red Harvester.JPG
1.9x Coin.png Gladiator Helmet
Rings of Love
Rings of Love.jpeg
180% Points Fiery Polo
Rosey Ringers
Rosey Ringers.jpg
165% Points Onion Knit Hat
So Very Strawberry So Very Strawberry.JPG 1.5x Coin.png Thin Stripe Polo
Sprinkle Squasher
Sprinkle Squasher.JPG
1.8x Coin.png Camping Pack
Sprinkler Sprinkler.JPG 140% Points Toasty Sweater
Super Cinnabuns
Super Cinnabuns.JPG
2x Coin.png Puka Necklace
Triple Treat
Triple Treat.jpeg
+1 Customer Star.png Stripe Armwarmers
Wildberry Medley
Wildberry Medley.jpeg
+2 Ticket.png Layered Creameo
Zero Fills Zero Frills Zero Fills Zero Frills.JPG 1.5x Coin.png Two-Tone Henley

Papa's Pastaria To Go!

Special Picture Bonus Prize
Alfredo 4ever Alfredo 4ever.jpeg 150% Points Pirate Hat
Bayside Basil Bayside Basil.png 2.3x Coin.png Cropped Overshirt
Beefy Bianca Beefy Bianca.jpeg 2.5x Coin.png Accent Polo
Black and Burgundy BlackAndBurgundyLogo-0.jpeg 200% Points Gold Medal
Cheesy Mac Cheesy Mac .jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Camo Pants
Chicken Capellini Chicken Capellini.png +1 Ticket.png Striped Apron
Classy Clam Classy Clam.png +1 Customer Star.png Plaid Shirt
Creamy Portobello Creamy Portobello.png 140% Points Ringed V-Neck
Dreamy Dumplings Dreamy Dumplings .jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Riveted Belt
Fettuccine al Formaggio Screenshot 20200708-101506~2.png +1 Customer Star.png Camping Pack
Flying Gnocchi Flying Gnocchi .jpeg 155% Points Chef Hat
Forage Alfredo Forage Alfredo.png +1 Customer Star.png Fur Parka
Fra Diavolo Screenshot 20200707-155605~2.png 2x Coin.png Onion Jenny Crown
Frutti di Mare Frutti Di Mare.png 180% Points Onion Knit Hat
Garlic Malfatti Garlic Malfatti.png 2x Coin.png Leather Jacket
Gondola Garden GondolaGarden.jpeg 2.3x Coin.png 3D Glasses
Linguine Piccanti Linguine Piccanti.jpeg +1 Ticket.png Raccoon Cap
Macaroni Rossi Macaroni Rossi.jpeg +2 Ticket.png Fedora
Maximo's Meal Maximo's Meal.jpeg +1 Ticket.png Checkered Belt
Mediterranean Marinara Mediterranean Marinara Special.png 2x Coin.png Space Helmet
Mighty Meatlover Mighty Meatlover.png 190% Points Dotted Shirt
Mushroom Farfalle Mushroom Farfalle.png 2x Coin.png Sweatbands
Papa Polenta PapaPolenta.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Army Helmet
Peppercorn Pasta PeppercornPasta.jpeg 2.2x Coin.png Gaming Glove
Peppered Pappardelle Peppered Pappardelle.png 2x Coin.png Two Tone Pants
Polpetta Party Polpetta Party.jpeg 2.x Coin.png Striped Pants
Portallini Feast Portallini Feast Pasta.jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Fade Polo
Potato Puffs Screenshot 20200708-101447~2.png 160% Points Back Knapsack
Prawn King Prawn King.png 170% Points Gladiator Helmet
Prosciutto Pollo ProsciuttoPollo.jpeg +1 Ticket.png Chain Buckle Belt
Ravioli Rumble RavioliRumble.jpeg +2 Ticket.png Silver Medal
Rustic Rigatoni Rustic Rigatoni.png 190% Points Viking Helmet
Sausage Mozzaroni Sausage Mozzaroni.jpeg 160% Points Bronze Medal
Shady DePepper Shady DePepper.png 2x Coin.png Plaid Trapper Hat
Shrimp Scampi Shrimp Scampi .jpeg +1 Customer Star.png Basketball Jersey
Spaghetti Starter Spaghetti Starter Special.png 1.5x Coin.png Hot Tank
Spicy Stuffers Spicy Stuffers.png 155% Points Casual Buttondown
Squid Tagliatelle Squid Tagliatelle Special .png 185% Points Groovy Shirt
Surf and Turf SurfandTurfPasta.jpeg 2.1x Coin.png Striped Cadet Cap
Tre Amici Screenshot 20200708-101307~2.png +2 Ticket.png Big Knapsack

Papa's Mocharia To Go!

Special Picture Bonus Prize
Berry Plumoncino Berry Plumoncino.png 155% Points Casual Buttondown
Bouquet Frappé Bouquet Frappe.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Fade Polo
Butterfly Matchiato Butterfly Matchiato.png 2x Coin.png Souwester Rain Hat
Butterscotch Granita Butterscotch Granita.png 190% Points Dotted Shirt
Butterscotch Paisano Butterscotch Paisano.jpg 155% Points Chef Hat
Caffe Marocchino Caffe Marocchino.png +1 Customer Star.png Western Shirt
Café Borgia Café Borgia.png 2.1x Coin.png Striped Cadet Cap
Café Calypso Café Calypso.png 2.3x Coin.png 3D Glasses
Café Miel Café Miel.png +1 Ticket.png Popped Collar Buttondown
Café Nutcracker Café Nutcracker.png +1 Customer Star.png Color Block Tank
Café Suzette Cafe Suzette.png 2x Coin.png Leather Jacket
Caramel Cappuccino Caramel Cappuccino.png +2 Ticket.png Fedora
Chilled Velveccino Chilled Velveccino.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Riveted Belt
Chocolate Crushiato Chocolate Crushiato.png 2x Coin.png Sweatbands
Classic Papaccino Classic Papacinno.jpg 1.5x Coin.png Hot Tank
Coconut Cosmique Coconut Cosmique.jpg 2x Coin.png Onion Jenny Crown
Floral Frappé Floral Frappé.png 190% Points Viking Helmet
Fruity Mousse Fruity Mousse.png +2 Ticket.png Big Knapsack
High Tea Slushy High Tea Slushy.png +1 Ticket.png Raccoon Cap
Honey Blue Blue Honey Blue Blue.png +1 Customer Star.png Army Helmet
Icebox Frappé Icebox Frappé.png 170% Points Gladiator Helmet
Iced Matcha Latte Iced Matcha Latte.jpg 140% Points Ringed V-Neck
Lavender Latte Lavender Latte.jpg +1 Customer Star.png Camo Pants
Lunar Latte Lunar Latte.png 2x Coin.png Two Tone Pants
Mallow Macchiato Mallow Macchiato.png 200% Points Gold Medal
Mega Mochaccino Mega Mochaccino.png 180% Points Onion Knit Hat
Mocha Fragolatte Mocha Fragolatte.jpg 2x Coin.png Striped Pants
Mocha Mauveato Mocha Mauveato.png 160% Points Bronze Medal
Mystic Moon Mystic Moon.png 185% Points Kung Fu Shirt
Nebulous Nimbus Nebulous Nimbus.png 2x Coin.png Cardigan
Pink Lemonade Latte Pink Lemonade Latte.png +1 Customer Star.png Wedding Suit
Plymouth Shaker Plymouth Shaker.png 2.2x Coin.png Gaming Glove
Purple Parisian Purple Parisan.jpg 150% Points Pirate Hat
Rosemallow Slush Rosemallow Slush.png +2 Ticket.png Silver Medal
Salt City Freezie Salt City Freezie.jpg +1 Ticket.png Checkered Belt
Strawberry Sanguinello Strawberry Sanguinello.png 2.3x Coin.png Cropped Overshirt
Sugar Cinnaspresso Sugar Cinnaspresso.jpg 2.5x Coin.png Accent Polo
Teaberry Brûlée Teaberry Brûlée.jpg +1 Ticket.png Striped Apron
Toasted Carmelatto Toasted Carmelatto.jpg 160% Points Short Armwarmers
Whipped Cumulato Whipped Cumulato.png +1 Customer Star.png Camping Pack


  • In Papa's Taco Mia To Go! and Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go!, customers who hold envelopes will have something shiny in their hands.
  • In Papa's Cheeseria To Go! and subsequent games, players can choose to exclude serving specials in the game.
  • Closers never hold envelopes containing specials nor order any; however, there are stickers that can be earned by serving a specific special to a specific closer.
  • The special awarding the highest point bonus (200% or 250% depending on the game) always contains an ingredient unlocked last. This is so players can't get it so early into the game and rank up too fast with it.
  • It usually takes three days to earn a new special. However, in Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go!, if the player has reached a high rank, sometimes it takes more than three days even though the player always uses a boost point special.
    • This is because Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go! only has a few standard ingredients to unlock compared to the other games with specials.