Spooky Shot is a minigame that is played after a day is completed in Papa's Bakeria. The targets are different baddies that are inspired from Halloween candy-based monsters (including candy corn plants and ghost onions that appeared in the 2014 Halloween poster). The weapon used in this game is a bottle of Pumpkin Pie Syrup.


  • Licorice Baddie
  • Onion Ghost
  • Candy Corn Plant
  • Candy Pumpkin

Papa's Bakeria Prizes

  1. Bead Bracelets
  2. New year icon New Year Poster
  3. Vday icon Heart Mesh Hat
  4. Easter icon Easter Stripe Wall
  5. Puffy Vest
  6. Cherry Blossom Festival icon Blossom Poster
  7. Hot Tank
  8. Small Fez
  9. Grōōvstock icon Wood Planks
  10. Dark Windbreaker
  11. Cherry Blossom Festival icon Sakura Bonsai
  12. Eye Patch
  13. Christmas icon2 Fireplace


  • Bronze Wedding Arch 
  • Silver Wing Sign
  • Gold Pirate Cannon

Papa's Bakeria Prize Gallery

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes

  1. Vday icon Valentine Balloons
  2. Short Western
  3. Sport Shades
  4. Starlight BBQ icon Red Flag
  5. Maple Mornings icon Green Shag Carpet
  6. Halloween icon Belltower Ghost
  7. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Rings Poster
  8. Camo Jacket
  9. Riveted Belt
  10. Starlight BBQ icon Rustic Poster
  11. Starlight BBQ icon Blue Brick Wall
  12. Camo Pants
  13. Stripe Armwarmers


  • Bronze Lg. Feast Table
  • Silver ?
  • Gold ?

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prize Gallery

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