Streusel is an ingredient found in various Papa Louie's restaurant-time management games.

In Papa's Bakeria/To Go!, Streusel Topping is a standard top crust available from the start of the game.

In Papa's Pancakeria HD/To Go!, it is a holiday-exclusive topping available during Thanksgiving. It is unlocked with Deano when the player reaches Rank 33.

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Papa's Bakeria/To Go!

Papa's Cook Book

Streusel is the twenty-fourth recipe featured in Papa's Cook Book, a feature on the Flipline Studios Blog. It was featured along with Pie Crust and Apple Crisp Pie Filling. Together, these three items make an Apple Crisp Pie.

Recipe 024


The instructions could be found here.

1: Streusel Prep

In a medium bowl, pour all the Streusel toppings together and mix by hand until it is blended and crumbly.

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