SundaeSauruses are the main enemies in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! They are Papa Louie 3's counterpart to the Burgerzillas from the prequel.

Flipdeck Info

Sundaesauruses are frigid ice-cream monsters concocted by the evil Radley Madish. Given their soft-serve consistency, they are highly adaptable and can easily roll with the punches. They have been known to use their glass cups as helmets, and even shoot the occasional ice cream ball at would-be attackers. Although Radley tried many flavors, he found the vanilla/strawberry Sundaesaurus to be best suited for the job at hand.


SundaeSauruses have chocolate balls for eyes, gummy worms for tongues, chocolate syrup for teeth, are covered in strawberry drizzle, sprinkles, and a cherry, and carry around glass cups for protection.

Method of Attack

SundaeSauruses take three hits to be defeated; their attack patterns change after each hit.

Initially, SundaeSauruses just jump around the level, much like Burgerzillas. When you hit one for the first time, though, its cup will flip onto its head and it will slowly crawl after the player, sometimes spitting ice cream at them. After being hit a second time, the SundaeSaurus's cup will shatter completely and it will start chasing the player at a much faster speed. At this point, the SundaeSaurus can be killed by hitting it with your weapon or even just jumping on it.

Flipline Blog

These freezie frankensteins will do whatever it takes to protect Radley and guard the captured customers. SundaeSauruses are very tough and can take a quite few hits before calling it quits. [2]

Slider Scouts

Mini Sundaesaurus is a playable character in Slider Scouts



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