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The Taco Eating Contest was a food-eating competition held during the opening sequence in Papa's Taco Mia!/HD/To Go!. The contestant that ate the most tacos would win a trophy and a special prize.

While there was a long line of customers for the competition, the main participants were Kingsley, Mitch/Maggie and James.

As the contest progressed, James would give up due to a stomach ache, and waves the white flag in surrender. As Mitch/Maggie starts eating two tacos at once, Kingsley, who was already starting to sweat out the hot sauce, gives up, leaving Mitch/Maggie as the winner of the competition.

So, what does Papa Louie give as an award for winning the Taco Eating Contest? The keys, uniform, and the job of running Papa's Taco Mia!.


  • This competition is located in Tacodale.
  • Unlocking Kingsley and James will earn players a badge.

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