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Tacodale is a fictional town located within the Flipverse. It is home to Papa's Taco Mia!.

Tacodale is represented in Griller Stadium by the Tacodale Hardshells baseball team and the Tacodale Supremes hockey team.

Before Papa's Taco Mia opened, Papa Louie organized a contest called Taco Eating Contest, where the winner (Mitch or Maggie) received the restaurant itself as a prize. Nowadays, Maggie organizes the Taco Eating Contest.

The local high school is Tacodale High, and the sports teams that compete for the school are called the Churros.

With regard to time zones, Tacodale is one hour behind Burgerburgh and one hour ahead of Sakura Bay[1]





  • Akari - The carrier who moonlights as a motorcycle racer at the Tacodale Speedway.
  • Jojo - The food critic. He awards his Blue Ribbon to a restaurant when he likes its food, thus making people spend more money there. 
  • Maggie - Papa's Taco Mia! worker. [2]
  • Nick - A cautious kayaker and outdoor enthusiast. 
  • Quinn - The local lawyer. Her firm was once called Quinn, Timm and Associates, but when her partner Timm left, it became Just Quinn and Associates.
  • Rico - A motorcyclist and chili enthusiast.
  • Zoe - A traveling musician.


Tacodale during holidays

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