Okay, I've had it. This is now becoming ridiculous.

If you are blocked from the Flipline Forum, please DO NOT COME HERE WHINING ABOUT IT!!!

You messed up enough over there to warrant being blocked on the forum. I don't know any of you, nor do I CARE!

I have no problem welcoming you to our community and hope that you contribute positively to our site. That's the whole idea of joining this, or any, community.

But trying to justify your transgressions on this site will not get you back there any faster. If all you are going to do is beg to be re-admitted to the Flipline Forum, or ask why you've been blocked there, or ask to be pitied because you did something to deserve being blocked by the admins of that forum, please stop now.

I have no sympathy for you. I've read what has been written about me there, and for all of the negative things that said about me, I wear them as badges of honor. It means I'm doing my job.

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