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The Great Slider Shrine
is a stone shrine that appears in Slider Scouts. It gives players new scouts in exchange for coins. Initially, the Shrine only charges 25 coins, but with each use, the price increases by 25 until it reaches 150 coins; after that, the price permanently remains at 150 coins.

The Shrine distributes scouts randomly. Consequentially, it will sometimes offer scouts the player already has their roster, in which case it will say "TRY AGAIN!" instead of "NEW SCOUT!" Unfortunately, the player does not get any coins back if this happens.


  • The jingle that plays when you get a scout is similar to one used for receiving a special recipe in the Gamerias.
  • There are 54 scouts in the game that can be obtained from the Shrine. After obtaining all 54 of these scouts, the Shrine will give you new pieces of furniture instead.
  • After the Shrine takes your coins, warp coins appear in its eyes as it generates a scout.
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