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==Holiday Onions Gallery==
==Holiday Onions Gallery==
Onion normal 14.gif
Onion normal 14.gif|Normal Onion
603751 937167019660728 3908152575591911859 n.png
603751 937167019660728 3908152575591911859 n.png
Onion.gif|Army Onion
1604695 796132047097560 3041826370060864 n.png
1604695 796132047097560 3041826370060864 n.png
1016480 856373094406788 6612241384925967071 n.png
1016480 856373094406788 6612241384925967071 n.png|Halloween Onion
Onion thanksgiving 14.gif
Onion thanksgiving 14.gif|Thanksgiving Onion
Onion christmas 14.gif
Onion christmas 14.gif|Christmas Onion
Onion newyear 15.gif
Onion newyear 15.gif|New Year 2015 Onion
Onion valentines 15.gif
Onion valentines 15.gif|Valentine Onion
10955714 931611583549605 3994557127765948342 n.png
10955714 931611583549605 3994557127765948342 n.png
Onion stpaddys 15.gif
Onion stpaddys 15.gif|St. Paddy's Day Onion
11043110 946772145366882 2858869880944728324 n.png
11043110 946772145366882 2858869880944728324 n.png
Onion autismawareness.gif
Onion autismawareness.gif|Autism Awareness Onion
11130216 959146294129467 1095564994189901907 n.png
11130216 959146294129467 1095564994189901907 n.png
Onion autismawareness2.png
Onion autismawareness2.png

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The Onion Ring are a group of onions that are enemies in the Papa Louie platformer games. They and their leader Sarge comes from the Land of Munchmore.

Flipdeck Info

The Infamous Onion Ring is a gang of menacing onions who take direct orders from their leader, Sarge. They have a diverse range of skills amongst their ranks. Whether it’s wall crawling, ladder climbing, running, jumping or sneak attacks, these onions have what it takes to fend off even the feistiest of chefs.


Name: The Infamous Onion Ring
First Appeared:Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!
Specialty: Walking, climbing, spearing, jumping

These oniony minions can be found everywhere - and they are quick to adapt to their environment. A jungle tribe of onions brandish spears as Papa gets near, while miner onions climb the walls of the Sausage Mines. Look out, they're everywhere!

Types of Onions



Regular onions that just walk back and forth.

Jumping Onion

Waliking Onions that jump - but not very high.


Brown Onion

Onions that climb up and down ladders. They are basic onions in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!.

Tribal Onion

Onions in the jungle-themed second stage of Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!. There are three variants: Jumping Onions, stationary guards that point their spears at Papa Louie when he appoaches, and warriors who charge at Papa when they see him.

Mining Onion

Onions in the sausage mines in the fourth stage of Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!. that climb walls and ceilings and drop onto Papa when he is directly below them.

Ambush Onion

Onions that hide and jump out at papa when he is close.


Army Onion

Although these onions with army helmets had appeared in various Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! media, they didn't appear in the game, but appeared in the sequel. If jumped on, they will run faster.


Kaiser Onion

Onions in Papa Louie 2 with spiked Pickelhaube helmets that hurts customers that try to stomp them.


Winter Onion

The only onion enemy (not including gummy onions) in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! They slide down hills on skis and start walking when they stop sliding.


Holiday Onions Gallery


  • The Onion is Flipline Studio's mascot, appearing next to the Flipline Studios logo on their website in late 2014. Since then holiday-themed onions have been seen.
  • Flipline Studio's first official toy,the Grumpy Onion plush, is currently available on the Flipline Studios Shop for USD $14.99.

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