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The Romano Family Quartet waving at the parade.

The Romano Family Quartet is a four-person family music band that includes: founder Little Edoardo on the bongos, wheelman Gino Romano on the stand-up bass, frontwoman Bruna Romano on the accordion, and the youngest, Carlo Romano, on the mandolin. They reside in the town of Portallini.


  • Their first single, "A Walk in the Field," is a classic country song. Hugo's copy of the song holds a special place in his record collection.
  • They are credited with performing the background music in all of the Papa Louie games.
  • After walking alongside the other customers in the first parade (Papa's Pancakeria), they now stand on the roof of their tour bus.
  • Almost all of the songs they composed are set in music keys of C and G.
  • All of the Romano Family Quartet members have the same background on their Flipdecks.
  • Their tour posters can be used to decorate the lobby in both Papa's Burgeria and Papa's Taco Mia!.
  • A formal portrait has been used to decorate the lobbies of other restaurants (and earn better tips from the Romanos).
  • From Papa's Bakeria onwards, the player can earn a sticker for serving everyone in the Romano Family Quartet.
  • All 4 Romanos like Portallini Feast & New Year.
  • In Papa's Pastaria, Edoardo does not stand on the roof of their bus as he and Olga ride on the roof of their wedding limousine.
  • From Papa's Scooperia onwards, Carlo Romano no longer stands on the roof of their bus as now he stands on Scooperia's wagon along with Koilee.
  • The Romano Family Quartet was the musicmaker of Mocharia Life.
  • All 4 romanos order Italian Sausage in Papa's Hot Doggeria.

The Romano Family Tree

"Little" Edoardo Romano - Giordana Romano (deceased) - Olga Romano

Giacomo "Gigante" Romano (deceased) - Florentina Romano


Fan Arts


Appears in Picture Bonus Points Cost
Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Taco Mia

Romano Family Quartet Poster.jpg
Waiting Bonus (Burgeria/Taco Mia)

+ Romano Tips (Taco Mia)

N/A $9.99 (Burgeria)

$50.00 (Taco Mia)