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Papa Louie in the X-Zone

The X Zone (also known as Level X in the level select screen and the Kingdom of X in Xandra's flipdeck), is a bonus level in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! and Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!.

The level is unlocked after the player has defeated Radley Madish and has acquired all 50 Warp Keys.

There are no missions in this level, but you can save Xandra (PL2) and Xolo (PL3) here and collect all the collectable items for extra points.

The X Zone re-introduces players to many of the baddies and collectables that appeared throughout the respective games.

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Level X

Slider Scouts

The X Zone is the last unlockable location in Slider Scouts, unlocked at rank 48.


  • In Papa Louie 3, the Laddish from Papa Louie 2 appears mysteriously in the X-Zone, even though the Laddish isn't listed in the Baddies list. Instead, if you defeat a Laddish, your Radish kill count will go up.
  • In both PL2 and PL3, the X zone being level 10 is possibly a reference to how the roman numeral for 10 is X.
  • Xandra's Flipdeck revealed that the X-Zone was where Xandra and Xolo were born, as well as where they found their X-Wands.
    • The X-Zone is also home to the pint-sized Xeppers.
  • Xolo's Flipdeck revealed that the Warp Keys were once stored, and maybe even created, in the X-Zone, but they were scattered across the cosmos when a crystal meteor collided with the X-Zone.
    • Xandra and Xolo were also meant to be the Royal Guardians of the Warp Keys when they grew up, but the aforementioned meteor prevented this as the twins were sent away in a balloon for their own safety.
  • According to Matt and Tony, the rainbow pools in the level are made of Flavor X Drizzle [1].


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