• Hi Luxpop!

    Before you read, this took place on May 22, so you may not remember editing this page. :)

    Recently, there have been some small category issues when editing pages. A few users (including you) have edited a page (in your case, it was adding information about Pancakeria HD to Vicky's page) and when you clicked publish, it renamed a category for no reason!

    When you finished editing Vicky, it renamed the category "V Characters" to "V Charact." 

    We know that there is a very small chance of it being your fault, since it has happened with other users as well. We are trying to figure out why this happens. The other user I have also messaged is Sugarplex Fan, who has encountered similar problems on different pages.

    Question: Were you aware of this problem? :)



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    • Hi JK55556.

      Yeah, I did see the categories that were renamed. I just assumed it was just a glitch that occurred. Is there an issue that causes the categories to shrink? TBH, I have no idea why they do that. Is there a solution for it? 

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    • It usually happens on character pages.

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    • Then it must be an issue with something else. I have also noticed that it happens on category pages. It's interesting, because there is no reason for this happening, it's just random.

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    • True that.

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    • A FANDOM user
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