• Hey Bdj. I got enough proof here, and that means i allow to replace it right (the proof of Cupcakeria To Go was already show on my blog comment).

    Screenshot 20200228-095359 YouTube

    Pancakeria HD

    Screenshot 20200228-095115 YouTube

    Pancakeria To Go

    Screenshot 20200228-095024 YouTube

    Scooperia To Go

    Screenshot 20200228-094949 YouTube

    Hot Doggeria To Go

    20200228 094433

    Taco Mia To Go

    20200228 094223

    Scooperia HD

    20200228 094214

    Cupcakeria HD

    20200228 094200

    Pizzeria HD

    20200228 094149

    Hot Doggeria HD

    Screenshot 20200228-093853 YouTube

    Taco Mia HD

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    • This is how I am going to answer this, especially because I'd like the images to be accurate.

      We probably used the same design for each of the holiday logos throughout the games to save ourselves time (from when they first came out). I am sure that through the years that designs changed, but we never went ahead and updated them.

      That said, if the images are truly different than what we have for that game, then yes, the images should be updated.

      If you or anyone else are able to provide an updated logo, then correct the holiday page and the game page. But if the design is still the same on the game page, leave it alone.

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    • Ok tks

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    • A FANDOM user
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