• Yo' Rune. Your boy's back, well kinda. Anyways how are you (and the other guys) doing during this horrible time? My country now has 2000+ cases of coronavirus, and fortunately it's way too low compared to other countries. I hope you're doing well, and I wish everyone the best of health.

    Ps. I've been practicing self-quarantine my entire life so this whole social distance thing don't really bug me lol.

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    • Hello there Adi. I'm so sorry I wasn't responding but a really big stuff happening around me without adding the pandemic. I'm doing okay but the best stuff is I don't have to go to the Uni - I don't even have online classes which is super cool. Our teachers send us the materials and we just have to read them. My country has about 4000 cases of this horrible virus... and I'm despising it already! Grrr! All my plans were ruined! I was supposed to go with my friends to the water park in the March but we had to move it to the future. I just hope it will be all over soon and they will find a cure or vaccine... or maybe an immune person. I wish you the best of health as well. :)

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    • Hope so, stay healthy both of you :)

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