• I found it on another wiki, it’s the point block policy, every bad thing you do gives you a amount of points, 10 gives you a permanent ban..

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    • I think the idea should be sent to bdj610 

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    • The main problem with this idea is that every situation is different. We can't really assign point values to certain offenses. Under this system, some users could reach a permanant ban far earlier than they should, and far later for others.

      In short, we will not be adopting such a system. I see no benefits that this system has over our current one, where the admins use their best judgement to determine the length of a block.

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    • I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm not keen on a point system. Reason being that there have been occasions where trolls and vandals come here and are blatantly obvious to what their intent is. A block would be immediate.

      Also, to give a low amount of points, like 10 for example, wouldn't be fair either because there is no way to quantify an offense with a number. The suspensions doled out by each admin/bureaucrat is at their discretion. While I might ban someone for a week for swearing, for example, another might ban for a day or two. It might not necessarily be consistent, but it is truly up to the person who was alerted or saw the transgression.

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