• Sorry for undid your work. I just do what admin does on a page. And yeah, I think what I do in a description is just move around the words. But am I allowed to add badges to the Ingredients Article? Some of them doesn't have it. There are also some mistakes on the Fajita Veggies Page such as Emmlette, she actually didn't appear in Taco Mia HD and she didn't order it because she debuted in Sushiria. Emmlette orders Peppers in Taco Mia To Go!. We should separate it and make it for Taco Mia To Go!. Another mistake also with Nye and Ninjoy. We should sort Ninjoy first and then Nye, to sort them alphabetically. And also I have some questions: Am I allowed to alphabetize the customers' name on a page, such as on the Ingredient Page, Game Page, or in the Trivia section? Am I allowed to correcting some spelling/grammar/punctuation?

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    • Correcting spelling/grammar/punctuation is fine. None of us are perfect, and this site allows people to make those kinds of corrections.

      If you see a page where Ninjoy and Nye are listed and neither are in alphabetical order, then yes, fix it.

      If Emmlette appears in a group for a game she wasn't in, remove her.

      If a badge is missing from the ingredients page, add it. Don't be alarmed if another editor makes a change to it due to the wording.

      Personally, I wouldn't mind separating the HD and To Go! sections for the customers who order them, but in many cases, it's too repetitive. So leave it alone for now. We may bring that up at another time.

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    • Thank you :)

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