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    15:01, June 18, 2020

    Hey Electos, 

    I hate to be offensive or anything like that, but I am worried about you. Even though I am not a staff, I just want you to be careful. Also, how are you today?

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    • I'm fine. I'm scared about being blocked.

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    • I understand. Also, things are getting intense, especially what happened to Sushiria to go (you probably know).

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    • No I don't. I lost interest in Flipline during this tine. What happened; the "no getting information from hacking" rule?

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    • It was datamining, and previously I don't think there was a rule talking about it before, but then¬†this becomes a problem. This means it takes away the purpose and the fun of the game.

      Also on the comments in Sushiria to Go JK proposed a warning, and I believe this warning applies to all games. And in Rune's message wall, Bdj said that datamining became a biggest problem.

      Anyways, I don't want to go too much details, but this is what happened while you were gone.

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    • Also you can lock this now

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