• Hello,

    Several of your edits have been reverted in the past few days. On articles, we try link an individual article only once (for shorter articles) or once per section (for longer articles). For example, on the Fried Onion Strings article, Starlight BBQ is already linked in the Taco Mia HD/To Go! description, so it doesn't need to be linked again in the Sushiria/To Go! description. Another example would be on the trivia of a customer page, where each item only should be linked once (for example, if Papa's Donuteria were to appear twice in a trivia section, we would only link it the first time it appears).

    Of course, there are several exceptions to this. One notable example is the "Customers who order this" section on the ingredient articles, where a customer may be linked more than once.

    If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

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