• Pete "Beefcake" Flapjackson
    Pete "Beefcake" Flapjackson closed this thread because:
    Problem is already done.
    12:46, January 3, 2016

    I've noticed that you've been making a lot of comments on multiple articles. That's great and all. The problem is that most of the comments you've responded to are either more than a year old or are from people who no longer come here.

    It's getting ridiculous because the more you comment, it becomes harder to keep track of edits made by other customers as they get dragged further down on the list of edits to the point they no longer appear.

    I'm all for commenting, but please use some common sense. If the comment is more than a year old, it's not totally necessary to respond to every single comment. It's just like bumping up dead posts on a message board. One or two are fine. More than ten? It becomes more of a nuisance if anything.

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