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    00:19, April 12, 2016

    Since Colgatepony was blocked, do you think it's a good idea to remove him from the staff page?

    I'd also like to know why he was banned, since I've been a bit less active lately and didn't catch why he is.

    Feel free to close this discussion when you answer.

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    • He was blocked because he decided to spam a wikia created by someone who was blocked here (on purpose...trolling). Wikia staff caught wind of the site and blocked both the guy who created the site and Colgatepony (because he contributed and went to town).

      He did this as a joke, but wikia took him seriously. I'm not sure if Wikia staff plans on ending the block on his account. I'd leave it for now, give it a couple of weeks. If it turns out that wikia won't end the block, then we can remove his name from the staff. I can't give his new account any privileges, so he's technically off the staff for now.

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