Also, two things:

1. Those beer are legal for ages 13 and up, as it only contains 15% alcohol and my parents also let me drink them. You know, they're famous in my country, especially highschool students and elders during parties. It's legal. AND, the mayor of our town is my FATHER.

2. Well, i don't think Zack have connections in this things. He is way too new here, and, so what if he is a father of triplets? Twins are different on triplets. We had proved that Halbeard is not a father, using other's accounts, and anything. But Andrews has done nothing. He even didn't knows who is Halbeard and the twins.

When did i knew it? 

Answer: Off course, in chat. Yesterday, i saw him at the chat. I visited him. He tell me not so personal things, such as his religion, place where he lives, how old he is, and some stuff about his girls. You know, i can see that he is a real father. I'm sorry, i didn't have any proof for now, but maybe later. AND, he does respect me like a real elder. 

I'm sorry, i never want to reopen this case, but please, don't link Zack about this.

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