I was currently using my fourth slot character and during my time in NXT, i was a face. But when i was drafted to the main roster, they turned me a heel. You know, just like you, i did everything but still there's nothing happens. Well, i turned heel four times and face three times. I became face for the first time when i respectfully answers interviews, feuds with heels, teams with faces, distract or attack heel wrestlers during their matches, and i sometimes interfere in a match when the heel's teammate interfere. I do that for over one year then i turned face. I turned heel again, after beating Tyler Breeze, when i was in an interview, Renee Young asked me how did Breeze slows me down. I replies "Breeze is as weak as an ant" and then i turned heel again. I turned face a year later again when i joined the Authority. However, when i was teaming up with Seth Rollins against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, i betrayed Rollins as i attack him (my character is a powerhouse and i cheated at it i make it's weight 639 lbs and my height is 8'9" lol Big Show is just in my chest and i'm alot poweful) and i powerbombed him throug the announce table. 

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