Hi, i'm DirpyBird. I currently live in Alhambra, California. I started playing papa's games at the age of 8 when I saw Papa's Freezeria on the website. It was fun, but then I grew out of it, so I forgot about Papa's games for 5 years, because I had played almost every papa's game. to do. I pondered about my previous games. I remembered Papa's freezeria. The game was old, so I searched up another Flipline Studios game to play. I was astonished when I saw Papa's Cheeseria. It was way way better than Papa's Freezeria. It looked delicious so I played it. I then tried the rest of the new games and they were fun too! Now, i'm currently playing the new game Papa's Cheeseria To Go on my Ipad(iPhone too small)

My favorite customer:

  • Santa - because I liked presents as a kid
  • Foodini - because he is the host of my favorite gameria minigames

My favorite games

My favorite games are the Flipline Games. I also play Fortnite in my spare time if I have nothing to do. Sometimes I play Minecraft, but the best game I played in my life currently is Papa's Cheeseria.

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