You are welcome to join my amazing fanon wiki!.

My name is Evan and I'm 14 years old. I love Flipline Studios and I"M A HUGE FAN OF Papa's Gameria Games and other things like that and anyways, I really love editing on this wikia and the papa louie fanon so I love other stuff as well and I also I look REALLY CUTE In this picture. I'm a Papa's Bakeria Worker LOL. I look even cuter in Kingsley's Customerpalooza and hopefully someday I would be appearing in one of Papa Louie's Resturant Games. =D! I mostly like all of the flipline games because I think there really fun, I just like to be extremley quick that's all. =) Also I'm VERY HAPPY WITH THERE NEW GAMERIA "Papa's Sushiria" I will be looking forward to more sneek peaks.

So far list of gamerias I love playing:

  • Pizzeria
  • Burgeria
  • Taco Mia!
  • Freezeria
  • Pancakeria
  • Wingeria
  • Hot Doggeria
  • Cupcakeria
  • Pastaria
  • Donuteria
  • Cheeseria
  • Bakeria
  • Sushiria 

Games in bold means coming soon.

Funnelcakeria (maybe or maybe not we'll see)

I love earning badges on here, but I didn't just come here to earn badges, I want to help FSW grow, but there are a few things that I may not know how to do but I got to learn how.

If you want to still get contacted with me about badges on other gaming sides besides wikia, join me on kongregate.


Me as a Papa's Bakeria Worker: 

Me as the Papa's Bakeria Worker

And here's my server that looks like me but has blonde hair and a bit of a different look: 

Evan 1.jpg

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