Hi <insert name here>! Welcome to my profile, boi!

"I'm not superstitious, but I'm a little stitious."

- Michael G. Scott

P.S. I'm currently inactive in this site, and I'm planning to retire in the Wikia fandom community.

My Other Accounts

  • Discord: Sprint#2353
  • Flipline Forum: Sprint
  • Twitter: Blue Raisins @flipline_rxisin

How I Started Playing Flipline Games

During 2012, I was learning at elementary ages that time, I was finding a cooking game. But while doing so, I stumbled upon and found out Papa's Burgeria. Therefore, I played much Flipline Games till 2014. But on May 9, 2019, I tried Papa's Scooperia, since then I played and played until I went on up to Rank 62

However, on November 20, 2020, I resumed playing Scooperia for a restaurant topic in the forum, and ran it until December 21, where I only got on Rank 76.


  • A fan of The Office US, P!atD, My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy, Paramore, Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, and many more pop culture references!
  • I like Olivia a lot.
  • I hate Quinn.

My favorite pages

My Favorite Games

Favorite Customers

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