I love: Playing golf and disc golf


I hate: Chocolate

My chef and server in Papa's Cheeseria:

My orders

Papa's Pizzeria

4 pepperonis and 4 onions all around

45 minutes (3/4 meter), 4 slices

Papa's Burgeria


Bottom bun, well-done patty, cheese, onion, ketchup, top bun

Papa's Taco Mia

Hard shell, beef, cheese, onions, and brown rice

Papa's Freezeria

Medium banana sundae with strawberries, smooth blend

Whipped cream, strawberry syrup, 3 banana slices

Papa's Pancakeria

2 bacon waffles

4 butter pads, maple syrup, raspberries, cinnamon, and 4 strawberries

Large orange juice with ice

Papa's Wingeria

4 parmesan chicken strips

8 french fries, 2 red peppers, and 2 cheese cubes

Papa's Hot Doggeria

Hot dog on a pretzel bun

Ketchup, cheese, onions, and bacon

Large Lemon Mist and Medium Cheddar Corn

Papa's Cupcakeria

Favorite holiday: Baseball Season

Liner D, vanilla cake with deep purple frosting

Both topped with strawberry drizzle, crushed peanuts (rainbow sprinkles in other holidays) and 3 popcorn pieces (nothing in other holidays)

Papa's Pastaria

Favorite holiday: Chilifest

Al dente cellentani (bowties in other holidays) with garlic basil sauce

Topped with parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese (grated mozzarella inother holidays), black pepper, and 4 prosciutto


Papa's Donuteria

Favorite holiday: Maple Mornings

3 regular donuts with waffle cutter (roll shape cutter in other holidays)

Filled with strawberry, blackberry and lemon fillings

All 3 with maple icing (cinnamon sugar icing in other holidays)

All 3 with strawberry drizle

All 3 with bacobites (crushed peanuts in other holidays)

Papa's Cheeseria

Favorite holiday: Maple Mornings

Shredded cheddar on cinnamon toast (pretzel bread in other holidays)

Filled with maple mini sausages (bacon in other holidays), sauteed onions, and ketchup


Waffle fries with ketchup and rosemary

Specials I'd order: Butterbrezel, Cheesy BLT, Classic Club, Hot Hamwich, Portallini Panini

My favorite games

Papa's Hot Doggeria, Cheeseria, and Pastaria

Favorite Customers



Carlo Romano

Least Favorite Customers




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