aka Huey Leng Yong

  • I live in Selangor,Malaysia
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is A Junior High School Student
  • I am Female
  • Bio Loves Atomic Puppet and Flipline Studios games. I am also a fan of food and K-pop. I love to draw and watch videos. I am also going to be 17 years old and I am in10th grade. I am currently studying biology in my school.
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My name is Huey Leng (also known as Ilovemydog in my Gmail nickname), but you can mainly called me by my short name HL. I am 17 years old and I am a Catholic student in 10th grade at my high school. I love reading books including the Bible, hanging out with my friends, listening to music including K-Pop rock and more songs from my JOOX player on my phone and I am an outdoor person who loves food, exercise and studying, I am always a party-goer I also love fashion and selfies.


My favorite games

Papa’s HotDoggeria HD

Papa’s Scooperia HD

Slider Scouts

Papa’s Cheeseria

Papa’s Wingeria HD

Papa’s Freezeria HD/ To go!

Favorite Customers

Scarlett- She’s very nice and kind, but, also loves cherry Cordials. Her outfit is pretty. Her Flipdeck info is very good .

Rudy- He’s handsome and kind to my custom workers. I also love his hairstyle. His Flipdeck info is very interesting.

Clover- She plays the drums, just like my three friends from school and the same grade and class.

Marty- He plays the guitar, just like my high school friend that used to be in my school.

Akari- She looks similar to my Japanese classmate that used to be in the same grade as my other friends.

Allan- Looks like Elvis Presley or Robbie Rotten.

Robby- He looks like a very nice pirate.

Sienna- Her style A and B outfit is very nice, although, I tried my best to draw and sketch her on my easel.

Dominos Pizza 🍕 field Trip December 2018

Yui- Her style B outfit is similar to Robin Hood. Her beanie looks similar to Pauline.

Hope- Looks similar to Joey Felt’s outfit from Atomic Puppet, but without the hat.

Steven- He likes to listen to music, just like me. His style A outfit is similar to Pauline’s outfit.

Elle- Looks like a high school student or presumably an Japanese student, I would like to try her Pancakeria HD/ To Go! Order with a large cup of orange juice and ice.

Me, Matthew, and Sean with R2D2 during Matthew’s 15th birthday party-December 2017



IMG 0119- Orange You scream ice cream

Orange You scream ice cream that I ate in October 2017

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