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Hey! I'm James!! I'm a flipline fan since 2011!

Check out my scenes!
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Flipline Stuff

I make PLP scenes and someesome of them end up on the blog! You can recognize them because there's always my character (look at the picture) and I have an account on the Flipline Forum! There, I own a scenes topic, where I post my scenes, a FC topic, where I share my FCs with their stories and more details, etc... I rarely draw and share my arts on the Forum too.

My favorite games

I love Sushiria! I reached rank 160! I also like Taco Mia!, Burgeria, Wingeria and Pastaria! I played Papa's Bakeria To Go!, and I'm on rank 246

Favorite Customers

I liked Taylor since the first time I saw him, so yeah, he's my favorite! I also like Tohru, LePete, Olivia, the Romano Family and many others.

 My FCs!

If you want to know more about my FCs, just check one of the links

FC archive:

FC Discussion:

I'll also leave a picture of my planned KCP20 entries since I'm really excited for it although I doubt it will happen :/

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