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Heya y'all, I'm still alive.[[File:Tau_Cross.jpg|frame|Sorry for being inactive for however long it was.]]
So yeah... Peace.
Administrator of Flipline Studios Wikia, fighting through fanfiction, aggresiveness, and contributors who are not contributors at all.
Also the director of the Eateria RPG chat games.  Please see me in chat if you want to participate.
Please note that I am working on Eateria RPG Deluxe in advance.  No games will be held during this time.[[File:Vevo.jpg|thumb|Le Vevo of ze Hot Doggeria]]
So sorry for the hiatus, people.  I've had several bad days in a row.

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Heya y'all, I'm still alive.

File:Tau Cross.jpg

Sorry for being inactive for however long it was.

So yeah... Peace.

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