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About me

Hello there, I'm Laundry Machine, aka Benny. Thank you for visiting my profile page. I always active on the wiki, so if you have any question I can solve, please feel free to leave the message on my message wall.

I am the wikian since September 2015, and Flipline Studios wiki is my first wiki to edit; But actually, English isn't my native language, my native language is Chinese.

Besides Flipline Studios Wikia, I'm active in many wikis as well. Do you like fanon? Do you want to share your customers? Then you may interested in Flipline Fan Customers Wiki, Papa Louie Fanon Wiki and Flipline Fandom, they're all kind, don't be shy!

Are you a native Spanish speaker? If yes, that's great, I think you can find more like-minded friends in Wiki Flipline Studios Español, no any user can be replaced, so do not worry, you will be the helpful and popular user!

Are you a native Chinese speaker? If yes, then congratulations! We have Chinese Flipline Studios Wiki for Chinese players. We're still creating contents there. Welcome to visit or make valuable contributions. :)

I'm also the Chinese translator in Language Brigade Wiki which you can request for translating and FANDOM Open Source Library Wiki, there are many useful scripts to use!

In real life, I'm a senior high school student, I have played Flipline Studios game for over 6 years, if you have any game problem, it's possible I can solve it!

--📞Laundry-Machine 11:05, December 29, 2018 (UTC)

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