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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on June 6


My first perfect in Bakeria: Rank 2, Day 3

"I wanna be your first string"

-Taylor Swift <3

Gonna be hopping on whenever I can...

Hey y'all, I'm Luxpop and I want to help this wiki be as best as it can. Hope you enjoy my presence to make this wiki as best as it can be!!!.


Woohooo! #1000 edits!

#1111 edits!


#1234 edits

My favorite games


My first perfect in Cheeseria!


My first perfect in Donuteria!

Sushiria is the hardest gameria

Cheeseria is my favorite!

Then it would be Cupcakeria, Wingeria, Donuteria, Bakeria etc...

Favorite Customers

Favourite customers are definitely Cecilia, Kayla, Ivy, Alberto, Carlo, James and Scarlett. Don't know how I would choose if they went head to head in PNC.


#Gold customers on Cheeseria

This is a section where I list all my gold customers on Cheeseria in the order they got gold! 

  1. Nevada
  2. Connor
  3. Roy
  4. Santa
  5. Mandi
  6. Timm
  7. Rita
  8. TBA

#Gold Customers on Bakeria

This is a section where I list all my gold customers on Bakeria in the order they got gold!

  1. TBA

Papa Games Ranks

Pancakeria- Rank 6

Hot Doggeria: Rank 3

Cupcakeria: Rank 8

Cheeseria: Rank 57

Bakeria: Rank 18

Sushiria: Rank 10

KCP entries to the right!

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